City of Mission, KS
Johnson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference — As to the transportation utility fee, ch. 145.
Article I Street and Sidewalk Use Regulations

Section 515.010 Obstructions Prohibited.

Section 515.020 Obstructions — Notice and Removal.

Section 515.030 Obstructions — Receiving, Shipping Merchandise.

Section 515.040 Obstructions — Building Construction.

Section 515.050 Obstructions — Special Purpose Permit.

Section 515.060 Barricades and Warning Lights, Unlawful Removal.

Section 515.070 Dangerous Places in Sidewalks.

Section 515.080 Using Sidewalk or Paving Protected By Barriers, Warning Devices.

Section 515.090 through Section 515.100. (Reserved)

Section 515.110 Maintenance and Repair of Sidewalks.

Section 515.120 Drainage On Sidewalks and Streets.

Section 515.130 Wires in Streets Prohibited.

Section 515.140 Gutter Obstructions.

Section 515.150 Driving Over Curbs.

Section 515.160 Burning in Streets Prohibited.

Section 515.170 Vehicles To Clean Wheels.

Section 515.180 Vehicles Spilling Load Prohibited.

Section 515.190 Dumping Refuse.

Section 515.200 Dumping Trash in Waterways Prohibited.

Article II Cutting Pavement and Excavation

Section 515.210 Permit Required.

Section 515.220 Eligibility For Permit.

Section 515.230 Applications — Permit Fees.

Section 515.240 Barricades — Safety Guards.

Section 515.250 Backfill.

Section 515.260 Backfilling and Resurfacing.

Section 515.270 Preparation.

Section 515.280 Curb Cuts For Residential Driveways.

Section 515.290 Curb Cuts For Commercial Driveways.

Section 515.300 Curb Cuts For Both Residential and Commercial Driveways.

Section 515.310 Curb Cutback For Parking of Vehicles — Permit Required.

Section 515.320 Plans Submitted To City Planning Commission.

Section 515.330 Application For Permit — Permit Fee.

Section 515.340 Detail Plans and Specifications For Work — Bond.

Section 515.350 Penalty.

Article III Sidewalk Construction

Section 515.360 Required Sidewalks.

Section 515.370 Permit Required.

Section 515.380 Adoption of Sidewalk Construction Standards.

Article IV Street Construction

Section 515.390 Residential Streets.

Section 515.400 Trafficways.

Section 515.410 Lifts.

Section 515.420 Street Widths.

Section 515.430 Permit Required.

Section 515.440 Plans and Specifications.

Section 515.450 Insurance.

Section 515.460 Alternate Form of Performance and Maintenance Bond.

Section 515.470 Inspection of Private Construction.

Section 515.480 Adoption of Street Construction Standards.

Section 515.490 Acceptance of Streets.