City of Mission, KS
Johnson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 600.010 Definitions.

Section 600.020 Restriction On Location.

Section 600.030 Minors On Premises.

Section 600.040 Consumption On Public Property.

Section 600.050 Public Sale — Consumption.

Section 600.060 Transportation of Liquor in Opened Containers Unlawful — Exceptions.

Section 600.070 Consumption of Alcoholic Liquor Prohibited in Certain Places — Exemptions.

Section 600.080 Unlawful Use of Driver's License/Identification Card.

Section 600.090 Possession or Consumption By Minor Prohibited.

Section 600.100 Revocation or Suspension of License — Grounds For.

Section 600.110 Revocation — Suspension — Notice — Hearing.

Section 600.120 Revocation — Suspension — Appeal.

Section 600.130 Relationship of Retailer To Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler.

Section 600.140 Underage Purchaser.

Section 600.150 Business Regulations.

Section 600.155 Sunday Sale of Alcoholic Liquor and Cereal Malt Beverage in Original Package.

Article II Cereal Malt Beverages

Section 600.160 License/Permit Required.

Section 600.170 License Application.

Section 600.171 Special Event Retailer's Permit.

Section 600.180 License — Disqualification.

Section 600.190 License Fee.

Section 600.200 Examination, Investigation of License Application.

Section 600.210 Issuance of License.

Section 600.220 Transferability of License.

Section 600.230 License Prohibition.

Section 600.240 License Granted — Denied.

Section 600.250 License Granted — To Be Posted.

Section 600.260 Contents of Retail License.

Section 600.270 Consumption, Possession On Public Property.

Section 600.280 Regulations.

Section 600.290 Wholesalers and/or Distributors.

Section 600.300 Sanitary Conditions.

Article III Alcoholic Liquor

Section 600.310 Present State License.

Section 600.320 Hours of Sale.

Section 600.330 Sale of Liquor To Incapacitated or Intoxicated Person — Penalty.

Section 600.340 Occupation Tax Upon Retailers.

Article IV Private Clubs

Section 600.350 City License Required.

Section 600.360 Application For License.

Section 600.370 License Fee — Term.

Section 600.380 License — Not Transferable.

Section 600.390 Rules and Regulations By Governing Body.

Section 600.400 Entry and Inspection.

Section 600.410 Revocation of License, Hearing, Suspension, Appeal Process.

Article V Drinking Establishments

Section 600.420 License Required.

Section 600.430 License Fee.

Section 600.440 Business Regulations.

Article VI Caterers

Section 600.450 License Required.

Section 600.460 License Fee.

Section 600.470 Notice To Chief of Police.

Article VII Temporary Permits

Section 600.480 Permit Required.

Section 600.490 Permit Fee.

Section 600.500 City Temporary Permit.

Section 600.501 City-Sponsored Festival Event.

Section 600.510 Permit Regulations.