Township of Shrewsbury, PA
York County
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[Res. 00-14, 7/5/2000]
The Township Supervisors of Shrewsbury Township by, and through their authority and relationship with the aforementioned volunteer fire companies[1] hereby recognizes the authority and authorizes the Glen Rock Hose & Ladder Volunteer Fire Company, Rose Volunteer Fire Company, and Shrewsbury Volunteer Fire Company to recover the reasonable costs of firefighting materials, equipment, personnel hours, and hazardous abatement materials involving any hazardous material incident, or fire, or safety and rescue incident or operation, including vehicular accidents.
Editor's Note: The preamble to Res. 00-14, 7/5/2000 provides, in pertinent part:
"WHEREAS, Shrewsbury Township has recognized and designated as fire companies for the area of Shrewsbury Township, Glen Rock Hose & Ladder Volunteer Fire Company, Rose Volunteer Fire Company, and Shrewsbury, Volunteer Fire Company;
"WHEREAS, said Volunteer Fire Companies respond to hazardous material incidents, environmental incidents, fire, safety, and rescue incidents;
"WHEREAS, such responses are either directly via 911 response, or in coordination with the Emergency Management Agency;
"WHEREAS, said responses on occasion involve the use of hazardous material abatement equipment as well as hazardous abatement materials;
"WHEREAS, it is the intention of Shrewsbury Township to recognize the authority of the abovementioned Volunteers to seek collection and reimbursement for the reasonable costs of responding to such incidents, either directly or in coordination with the Office of Emergency Management;"
Said reasonable costs as outlined above may be recovered directly by a volunteer fire company, through Shrewsbury Township with the consent of the Shrewsbury Township Supervisors, or through a third-party billing service approved by the Shrewsbury Township Supervisors. Requests by the volunteer fire company for a third-party billing service will be considered and approved by resolution as an authorized agent for the collection of said reasonable costs.
[Amended by Ord. 2014-02, 5/7/2014]
In addition to the aforementioned reasonable costs, the volunteer fire companies of Glen Rock Hose & Ladder Volunteer Fire Company, Rose Volunteer Fire Company and Shrewsbury Volunteer Fire Company, or a third-party billing company acting on behalf of a volunteer fire company, and approved by the Shrewsbury Township Supervisors, shall be authorized to collect reasonable interest, as well as a reasonable administrative fee for collecting the same, and any and all additional fees as may be authorized by the Hazardous Material and Emergency Planning and Response Act, 35 P.S. § 6022.101 et seq., or as authorized by any other statute, case law, or common law.
[Amended by Ord. 2014-02, 5/7/2014]