City of Marshfield, MO
Webster County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I International Fire Code

Section 500.010 Adoption of the International Fire Code.

Section 500.020 through Section 500.040. (Reserved)

Section 500.050 Most Restrictive Requirements to Apply.

Section 500.055 Penalty

Article II International Building Code

Section 500.060 Adoption of International Building Code.

Section 500.070 through Section 500.090. (Reserved)

Section 500.100 Most Restrictive Requirements to Apply.

Section 500.110 Penalty

Article III International Plumbing Code

Section 500.120 Adoption of International Plumbing Code.

Section 500.130 through Section 500.150. (Reserved)

Section 500.160 Most Restrictive Requirements to Apply.

Section 500.170 Penalty

Article IV International Mechanical Code

Section 500.180 Adoption of International Mechanical Code.

Section 500.190 through Section 500.210. (Reserved)

Section 500.220 Most Restrictive Requirements to Apply.

Section 500.225 Penalty

Article V National Electric Code

Section 500.230 Adoption of and Conformance With National Electric Code.

Section 500.240 Purpose of Article.

Section 500.250 Application of Article.

Section 500.260 Violation of These Provisions.

Section 500.270 Most Restrictive Requirements To Apply.

Section 500.272 Duties of Building Inspector and Fire Chief.

Section 500.273 Implementation.

Section 500.274 Authority of Fire Chief or Building Inspector.

Section 500.275 Enforcement.

Section 500.276 Stop Work Order.

Section 500.277 Filing of Appeal.

Section 500.278 Penalty.

Article VI International Property Maintenance Code

Section 500.280 Adoption of International Property Maintenance Code.

Section 500.290 Building Inspector, Building Official — Duties.

Section 500.300 through Section 500.340. (Reserved)

Section 500.350 Penalty.

Section 500.360 (Reserved)

Article VII International Residential Code

Section 500.370 Adoption of International Residential Code.

Section 500.380 through Section 500.400. (Reserved)

Section 500.410 Most Restrictive Requirements To Apply.

Section 500.420 Penalty

Article VIII International Fuel Gas Code

Section 500.425 Adoption of International Fuel Gas Code.

Article IX International Existing Building Code

Section 500.427 Adoption of International Existing Building Code.

Article X Miscellaneous Regulations

Section 500.430 Fence Requirements.

Article XI Water and Sewer Costs Relating to New Development

Section 500.440 Water Capacity Fees.

Section 500.450 Sewer Capacity Fees.

Section 500.460 Water Cost Share Fee.

Section 500.470 Sewer Cost Share Fee.