City of Marshfield, MO
Webster County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Section 520.010 Design and Construction.

[R.O. 2014 §520.010; Ord. No. 585 §1, 11-28-1990]
All construction, design, installation, maintenance, alterations and inspection of water mains or pipes hereafter erected or performed, shall conform at least with the provisions of the Technical Specifications for Water Main Design and Construction dated July 1990 and approved by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Public Drinking Water Program, three (3) copies of which Technical Specifications for Water Main Design and Construction are on file in the office of the City Clerk and made a part hereof and are being expressly adopted by reference as the construction standard for the City of Marshfield. Any Developer or Contractor desiring to construct a water main shall submit at least one (1) set of detailed documents to the City at least thirty (30) days prior to date upon which action by the City is desired. The documents should include the general layout, approved detailed plans, specifications, summary of design data, population to be served, types of establishments to be served, proximity to other water supplies, existing water and sewer mains and utility easements. Prior to beginning actual construction, the developer or his/her agent shall submit to the City an approved construction permit issued from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Any deviations from the approved plans or specifications must be approved by the Water Department Superintendent in writing before such changes are made. A set of "As Built Plans" shall be filed with the City at the completion of work.

Section 520.020 Purpose.

[R.O. 2014 §520.020; Ord. No. 585 §2, 11-28-1990]
This Chapter shall be construed to secure its expressed intent and ensure public safety, health and welfare insofar as they are affected by water main design and construction, and, in general, to secure safety to life and property from all hazards incident to the design, installation, maintenance, alteration, repair, erection, removal of water mains connected to the municipal water system of the City of Marshfield.

Section 520.030 Application of Chapter.

[R.O. 2014 §520.030; Ord. No. 585 §3, 11-28-1990]
The provisions of this Chapter shall apply to all real estate, lots, streets and easements within the City of Marshfield, and all water mains, pipes and easements located outside the City limits of the City of Marshfield, which are connected, or which propose to connect to the Marshfield Municipal Water System; and shall apply with equal force to municipal, County, State and private water mains and pipes except where such mains and pipes are otherwise specifically provided for by Statute.

Section 520.040 Construction To Comply.

[R.O. 2014 §520.040; Ord. No. 585 §4, 11-28-1990]
No water main or pipe shall be constructed, extended, repaired, removed or altered and no water mains or pipes shall be constructed, extended, repaired, removed, or maintained in violation of these provisions.

Section 520.050 Deputy To Be Designated.

[R.O. 2014 §520.050; Ord. No. 585 §5, 11-28-1990]
The Water Superintendent may designate an employee as his/her deputy who shall exercise all the powers of the Water Superintendent during the temporary absence or disability of the Water Superintendent.

Section 520.060 Conflict of Interest.

[R.O. 2014 §520.060; Ord. No. 585 §6, 11-28-1990]
No Inspector shall be engaged directly or indirectly with the furnishing of labor, materials or appliances for the construction, alteration or maintenance of a water main, or the preparation of plans or specifications therefore, nor shall such officer or employee engage in any work which conflicts with his/her official duties or the interests of the Department of Waterworks.

Section 520.070 Inspector Not Liable.

[R.O. 2014 §520.070; Ord. No. 585 §7, 11-28-1990]
The Water Superintendent, or other employee charged with enforcement of these specifications, while acting for the municipality, shall not thereby render himself/herself liable personally, and is hereby relieved from all personal liability for any damage that may accrue to persons or property as a result of any act required or permitted in the discharge of his/her duties, and under the provisions of these specifications he/she shall be defended as a legal representative of the municipality until the final termination of the proceedings. In no case shall the Water Superintendent, or any of his/her subordinates, be liable for costs in any action, suit or proceeding that may be instituted pursuant to the provisions of this specifications; any officer of the Water Department, while acting in good faith and without malice, shall be free from liability for acts performed under any of the provisions of these specifications, or by reason of any act or omission in the performance of his/her official duties in connection therewith.

Section 520.080 Superintendent To Enforce Compliance.

[R.O. 2014 §520.080; Ord. No. 585 §8, 11-28-1990]
The Water Superintendent shall receive applications for the erection and alteration of water mains or pipes, and examine premises for which such permits have been issued, and shall enforce compliance with provisions of Technical Specifications for Water Main Design and Construction.

Section 520.090 Required Inspection To Be Made By Whom.

[R.O. 2014 §520.090; Ord. No. 585 §9, 11-28-1990]
The Water Superintendent or a designated inspector shall make all the required inspections, or he/she may accept reports of inspections of authoritative and recognized services or individuals. All reports of such inspections shall be in writing and certified by a responsible officer of such authoritative service, or by the responsible individual, or he/she may engage such expert opinion as he/she may deem necessary to report upon unusual technical issues that may arise, subject to approval of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Marshfield.

Section 520.100 Superintendent To Promulgate Rules.

[R.O. 2014 §520.100; Ord. No. 585 §10, 11-28-1990]
The Water Superintendent shall promulgate rules under the procedures provided subsequently in this Chapter, establishing the conditions for use of new materials consistent with the provisions of Technical Specifications for Water Main Design and Construction and with minimum requirements based upon accepted engineering practices. The Water Superintendent shall have such power as may be necessary in the interests of the public safety, health and general welfare, to adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to interpret and implement the provisions of Technical Specifications for Water Main Design and Construction, and to secure the intent and purpose thereof. All rules adopted by the procedures herein established shall have the same effect as the provisions of the specifications. Such rules may be amended or repealed at any time by the same procedure herein prescribed for their adoption. No rule or regulation shall become effective until four (4) weeks after the intention to adopt such rule shall have been published in accordance with local Statutes in an official paper or public newspaper with general circulation in the municipality, and only after a public hearing shall have been held on the rule.

Section 520.110 Modifications.

[R.O. 2014 §520.110; Ord. No. 585 §11, 11-28-1990]
Where there are practical difficulties involving carrying out structural or mechanical provisions of Technical Specifications for Water Main Design and Construction, or of an approved rule, the Water Superintendent, with the verbal approval of the Department of Natural Resources, may vary or modify such provisions upon application of the contractor, or his/her representative, provided that the spirit and intent of the specifications shall be observed and public welfare and safety be assured. The application for modification and the final decision of the Water Superintendent shall be in writing and shall be officially recorded in the application for the permit in the permanent records of the Water Department Superintendent.

Section 520.120 Stop-Work Order.

[R.O. 2014 §520.120; Ord. No. 585 §12, 11-28-1990]
Whenever the provisions of this Chapter, or the Technical Specifications for Water Main Design and Construction, or of the plans and specifications approved thereunder, are not complied with, a "stop-work order" shall be served on the owner or his/her representatives and a copy thereof shall be posted at the site of construction. Such stop-work order shall not be removed except by written notice of the Inspector after satisfactory evidence has been supplied to him/her that the violation has been corrected.

Section 520.130 Appeals.

[R.O. 2014 §520.130; Ord. No. 585 §13, 11-28-1990]
An owner, lessee, agent, or operator aggrieved by any order issued pursuant to this Chapter may file an appeal to the Board of Aldermen of the City of Marshfield within ten (10) days from the service of such order or the denial of an authorization to proceed by the Water Department Superintendent, and the Board of Aldermen shall set a time and place as to when and where such appeal may be heard by the Board of Aldermen. Such appeal shall stay the execution of said order until such time as it has been heard and revised, confirmed, or rescinded. The Board of Aldermen shall, at a hearing of an appeal, affirm, modify, revoke or direct that such order be withdrawn. Unless revoked or vacated, such order shall be complied with. Nothing herein contained, however, shall be deemed to deny the right of any person, firm, corporation, co-partnership, or voluntary association to appeal from an order from the provisions contained herein, or a decision of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Marshfield to a court of competent jurisdiction.