City of Eldon, MO
Miller County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note — The schedule of salary ranges is on file in the office of the city clerk.
Article I Generally

Section 140.010 Purpose/Scope.

Section 140.020 Nature of The Employment Relationship.

Section 140.030 Equal Employment Opportunity.

Section 140.040 Immigration Law Compliance.

Section 140.050 Anti-Harassment Policy.

Section 140.060 Prohibited Activity.

Section 140.070 Complaint Procedures.

Section 140.080 Retaliation.

Section 140.090 Employee Personnel Records.

Section 140.100 References.

Article II Hours and Attendance

Section 140.110 Work Hours.

Section 140.120 Hours of Work and Overtime.

Section 140.130 Attendance.

Section 140.140 Dress, Hygiene and Grooming.

Section 140.150 Breaks and Meal Periods.

Section 140.160 Call Back.

Section 140.170 Payroll Records.

Article III Recruiting and Hiring

Section 140.180 Recruiting.

Section 140.190 Hiring.

Section 140.200 Temporary Employees/Seasonal Employees.

Section 140.210 Introductory Period.

Section 140.220 Employment of Relatives (Nepotism).

Section 140.230 Promotions and Transfers.

Article IV Compensation

Section 140.240 Employee Pay Rates.

Section 140.250 Paydays.

Section 140.260 Deductions.

Section 140.270 Travel For Work.

Section 140.280 Travel Expense Reimbursement.

Section 140.285 Retirement Plan.

Article V Performance Evaluations and Training

Section 140.290 Goal.

Section 140.300 Training Policy.

Article VI Leave of Absence and Time Off

Section 140.310 Leave.

Section 140.320 Vacation.

Section 140.330 Sick Leave.

Section 140.340 Bereavement.

Section 140.350 Family Medical Leave.

Section 140.360 City's Deferred Compensation Program.

Section 140.370 Holidays.

Article VII Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 140.380 Political Activity.

Section 140.390 Authorization For Operation of City-Owned Vehicles and Equipment.

Article VIII Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing Policy

Section 140.400 Policy.

Section 140.410 Purpose.

Section 140.420 Applicability.

Section 140.430 Definitions.

Section 140.440 Policy Administrator.

Section 140.450 Alcohol and Controlled Substances Prohibitions.

Section 140.460 Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing Provisions.

Section 140.470 Testing Controls.

Section 140.480 Employment Assessment.

Section 140.490 Rehabilitation Effort.

Section 140.500 Contractual Support Professionals.

Section 140.510 Education and Training.

Section 140.520 Confidentiality.

Section 140.530 Disciplinary Issues.

Section 140.540 Coordination With Other Laws and Policies.

Section 140.550 Amendments.