City of Eldon, MO
Miller County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Intoxicating Liquor

Section 600.010 Definitions.

Section 600.020 License Required.

Section 600.030 Application.

Section 600.040 Application For License and Renewal.

Section 600.050 Liquor Control Board.

Section 600.060 Issuance of License Prohibited Near Schools, Churches and Residential Neighborhoods.

Section 600.070 Types of License and Fees Designated.

Section 600.080 Collector To Issue Receipt Upon Payment of License Fee.

Section 600.090 Issuance of License Generally.

Section 600.100 Forfeiture of License Fee.

Section 600.110 Duration of License.

Section 600.120 Form and Contents of License.

Section 600.130 License Controls Kinds of Sales.

Section 600.140 License Controls Place, Time of Operation.

Section 600.150 License Non-Transferable — Exceptions.

Section 600.160 Temporary Location For Liquor By The Drink, Caterers — Permit — Fee Required.

Section 600.170 Temporary Permit For Sale By Drink and Non-Intoxicating Beer May Be Issued To Certain Organizations, When, Duration.

Section 600.180 Fourth of July Celebrations, Temporary Permits For Wine and Malt Liquor For Certain Organizations, Fee.

Section 600.190 Separate License Required For Each Place of Business.

Section 600.200 Suspension or Revocation Generally.

Section 600.210 Effect of Revocation On Reissuance of License.

Section 600.220 Hearings On Suspension or Revocation.

Section 600.230 Certification of Convictions.

Section 600.240 Hours of Sale.

Section 600.250 Authorized Liquors On Licensed Premises.

Section 600.260 Sale To Minor — Certain Other Persons, Misdemeanor — Exceptions.

Section 600.270 Persons Eighteen Years of Age or Older May Sell or Handle Liquor or Beer, When.

Section 600.280 Purchase or Possession By Minor — Container Need Not Be Opened and Contents Verified, When — Burden of Proof On Violator To Prove Not Intoxicating Liquor.

Section 600.290 Transporting Open Container.

Section 600.300 Permitting Unlawful Activity.

Section 600.310 Druggists, Physicians.

Article II Non-Intoxicating Beer

Section 600.320 Intoxicating Liquors Prohibited.

Section 600.330 Hours of Sale.

Section 600.340 Required.

Section 600.350 Application.

Section 600.360 Approval of Board of Liquor Control.

Section 600.370 State License Required.

Section 600.380 Limited Permit.

Section 600.390 Contents — Unauthorized Use.

Section 600.400 Term — Transfer.

Section 600.410 Suspension or Revocation.

Section 600.420 Hearings Before Liquor Control Board — Appeals.

Article III Enforcement

Section 600.430 Continuation of Existing Licenses.

Section 600.440 Prerequisites.

Section 600.450 Conflict With State Law or Regulation.

Section 600.460 Enforcement.