City of Aurora, MO
Lawrence County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Code 1972, §17-1; CC 1988 §15-1]
No person, either as principal or agent, shall pursue, conduct, carry on or operate within the City any trade, calling, business, vocation, occupation or profession hereinafter named in this Chapter, without first obtaining a license therefor and without paying in advance the license fees hereinafter prescribed.
[Code 1972 §17-2; CC 1988 §15-2; Ord. No. 89-1992, §1, 10-9-1989; Ord. No. 95-2199 §§1 — 2, 9-26-1995; Ord. No. 2012-2936 §1, 6-12-2012]
The Council shall have power and authority to levy and collect a license tax on wholesale houses, auctioneers, architects, druggists, grocers, banks, brokers, wholesale merchants, merchants of all kinds, confectioners, delivery trucks, ice trucks, cigar and tobacco stands, wood dealers, coal dealers, lumber dealers, real estate agents, loan companies, abstracters, abstract agencies, loan agents, collection agencies, undertakers, public grounds, photographers in office or upon the streets, canvassers, artists, patent right dealers, automobile agents and dealers, automobile accessory dealers, auto-related repair service providers, car washes, insurance companies, insurance agents, taverns, hotels, rooming houses, boarding houses, health schools, telephone companies, street contractors, paper hanger contractors, painting contractors, plastering contractors, and all subcontractors, flour mills, feed mills, express company agencies, barbershops, hair dressing shops, whether conducted in connection with other business or separate beauty parlors, tattoo parlors, pet groomers, pest control services, tax preparation/booking services, burglar alarm/security service providers, IT providers, computer sales/service/repair providers, cell phones sales and service providers, tailors, florists, nursery stock agents, book binders, monument dealers and agencies, manufacturing agents, shoe cobbler shops, storage warehouses, shoe shining parlors, newspaper offices, job printing plants, ready-to-wear clothing agencies, tailor-made clothing agencies, sewing machine agents, piano and organ dealers and agents, foreign coffee and tea dealers and agents, service providers of all kinds and all other vocations whatsoever; and to levy and collect a license tax and regulate hawkers, peddlers, pawnbrokers, restaurants, butchers, wholesale butchers, bathhouses and masseurs, lunch stands, lunch counters, lunch wagons, soft drink and ice cream stand and vendors, ice cream parlors, peanut and popcorn stands, and stands of every kind, outdoor advertising, horse and cattle dealers, stockyards, auto yards, oil stations, wholesale and retail, inspectors, gaugers, mercantile agents, manufacturing and other corporations, or institutions, medical/dental equipment manufacturing/repair providers, machine shops, blacksmith shops, foundries, sewer contractors, building contractors, stone contractors, plumbing contractors, brick contractors, cement contractors, sidewalk contractors, bridge contractors, and all subcontractors, laundries, laundry agencies, ice plants and ice plant agencies, ice dealers, traveling and auction stores, plumbers, pressing establishments, produce and poultry dealers, feather renovators, bakers and bakeries, bakery delivery wagons, and delivery autos, bottling works, dye works, cleaning establishments, janitorial services, sand plants, steam fitters, corn doctors, chiropodists, hackmen, taxicabs, buses, within the limits of the City, and all others pursuing like occupations; and to levy and collect a license tax, regulate, restrain, prohibit and suppress ordinaries, money brokers, money changers, intelligence and employment offices and agencies, dance studios, fitness studios, martial arts studios, counseling services, fortunetellers, pistol galleries, shooting galleries, palmists, museums, menageries, equestrian performances, fluoroscopic views, picture shows, telescopic views, muscle developers, ten pin alleys, ball alleys, bowling alleys, billiard tables, pool and other tables, miniature golf courses, theatrical or other exhibitions, boxing and sparring exhibitions, shows and amusements, amusement parks, and the sales of unclaimed goods by express companies or common carriers, solid waste haulers, auto wrecking shops, bill posters, junk dealers, porters, carnival and street fairs, circuses and shows, for parade and exhibition, or both, skating rinks, bid awardees, and all other vocations and business whatsoever, and all others pursuing like occupations.
Any merchant issued a license to do business in the City of Aurora, Missouri, shall be charged a fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for such license to do business.
[Code 1972, §17-3; CC 1988 §15-3]
Every person who shall carry on a business at two (2) or more different places shall secure a license for each place of business.
[Ord. No. 2004-2604 §1, 6-22-2004]
Any person, firm or corporation who is required to pay sales tax to the City of Aurora, Missouri, must show proof to the City Clerk that all sales taxes due to the State of Missouri and the City of Aurora, Missouri, have been paid to the date of the application prior to being issued a City business license.
Any person, firm or corporation failing to provide proof of payments of such sales tax shall not be issued a City business license until such time as said State and City sales taxes and penalties and interest thereof are fully paid and the Department of Revenue for the State of Missouri certifies that same are fully paid.
Any person, firm or corporation, upon initial application for a merchant's license in the City of Aurora, Missouri, must show proof to the City Clerk that a State sales tax identification number has been obtained in the name of the person, firm or corporation making application of the merchant's license.
[Code 1972, §17-4; CC 1988 §15-4]
All licenses under this Chapter shall be issued by the City Clerk. No license shall be issued until the license fee therefor shall be paid in full to the City Clerk. All fees so paid shall be credited to the general funds of the City. All licenses shall be signed by the Mayor, City Clerk and Tax Collector. The City Clerk shall affix the Corporate Seal of the City.
[Code 1972, §17-5; CC 1988 §15-5]
No license issued pursuant to this Chapter shall be assigned or transferred.
[Code 1972, §17-6; CC 1988 §15-6]
All persons obtaining licenses under this Chapter shall keep the same posted in their places of business in such a manner as to expose the same to public view. When a licensee has no regular place of business, he shall exhibit his license to any person under demand.
[Code 1972, §17-7; CC 1988 §15-7]
All licenses issued under this Chapter shall be for a period of one (1) year, except when other periods are specifically set forth in the schedule of license fees, in which event a license shall be issued for the period requested by the applicant. All annual licenses shall begin on July first (1st) of each year.
[Code 1972, §17-8; CC 1988 §15-8]
Any license issued pursuant to this Chapter or any ordinance of this City shall be revocable by the City Council upon the failure of the licensee to comply with the provisions of this Chapter, to conduct the business or vocation licensed according to law and the ordinances of the City; but in no case shall the City be liable to refund any money paid for such license and it shall be a part of the consideration of every license that it may be revoked and shall not be transferable.
[Ord. No. 2004-2604 §1, 6-22-2004]
Any person who does not secure a license prior to doing business within the City, whose license is revoked and who continues to operate or whose license is not renewed and who continues to operate is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00). Each day of operation after one (1) of the acts described in this Section occurs shall be considered to be a separate offense.