City of Absecon, NJ
Atlantic County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 03-2010 § 1]
No official, employee, appointee or volunteer of the City, by whatever title known, or any entity that is in any way a part of the City shall engage, either directly or indirectly in any act including the failure to act that constitutes discrimination, harassment or a violation of any person's constitutional rights while such official, employee, appointee, volunteer, or entity is engaged in or acting on behalf of the City's business or using the facilities or property of the City.
[Ord. No. 03-2010 § 2]
The prohibitions and requirements of this chapter shall extend to any person or entity, including but not limited to any volunteer organization or inter-local organization, whether structured as a governmental entity or a private entity, that receives authorization or support in any way from the City to provide services that otherwise could be performed by the City.
[Ord. No. 03-2010 § 3]
Discrimination, harassment and civil rights shall be defined for purposes of this chapter using the latest definitions contained in the applicable Federal and State laws concerning discrimination, harassment and civil rights.
[Ord. No. 03-2010 § 4]
The City Administrator shall establish written procedures for any person to report alleged discrimination, harassment and violations of civil rights prohibited by this chapter. Such procedures shall include alternate ways to report a complaint so that the person making the complaint need not communicate with the alleged violator in the event the alleged violator would be the normal contact for such complaints.
[Ord. No. 03-2010 § 5]
No person shall retaliate against any person who reports any alleged discrimination, harassment or violation of civil rights, provided however, that any person who reports alleged violations in bad faith shall be subject to appropriate discipline.
[Ord. No. 03-2010 § 6]
The City Administrator shall establish written procedures that require all officials, employees, appointees and volunteers of the City as well as all other entities subject to this chapter to periodically complete training concerning their duties, responsibilities and rights pursuant to this chapter.
[Ord. No. 03-2010 § 7]
The City Administrator shall establish a system to monitor compliance and shall report at least annually to the Governing Body the results of the monitoring.
[Ord. No. 03-2010 § 8]
At least annually, the City Administrator shall cause a summary of this chapter and the procedures established pursuant to this chapter to be communicated within the City. This communication shall include a statement from the Governing Body expressing its unequivocal commitment to enforce this chapter. This summary shall also be posted on the City's website,