City of Plattsburg, MO
Clinton County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 105.010 General Requirements.

Section 105.020 Elected and Appointed Officers.

Section 105.030 Power of Deputies.

Section 105.040 Oath of Office.

Section 105.050 Provisions of Oath.

Section 105.060 Filing of Oath.

Section 105.070 Forfeiture of Office.

Section 105.080 Official Bond.

Section 105.090 Conditions of Bond.

Section 105.100 Sureties.

Section 105.110 Additional Sureties.

Section 105.120 Discharge of Former Sureties.

Section 105.130 Cost Paid by City.

Section 105.140 Annual Examination.

Section 105.150 Time Limit to Obtain New Bond.

Section 105.160 Breach of Bond.

Section 105.170 Tie Vote.

Section 105.180 Special Elections to Fill Vacancy.

Section 105.190 Appointment to Fill Vacancy in Appointive Office.

Section 105.200 Impeachment of Elective Officer.

Section 105.210 Impeachment Hearing.

Section 105.220 Impeachment Vote.

Section 105.230 Impeachment of Appointive Officer.

Article II Mayor

Section 105.240 Generally.

Section 105.250 Preside Over Board.

Section 105.260 Qualifications.

Section 105.270 Salary.

Article III City Clerk

Section 105.280 Generally.

Section 105.290 Repealed by Ord. No. 1304 §5, 4-12-1993.

Section 105.300 Land and Lot Delinquent List.

Section 105.310 Monthly Settlement.

Section 105.320 Monthly Report.

Section 105.330 Repealed by Ord. No. 1304 §5, 4-12-1993.

Article IV City Clerk — General Provisions

Section 105.340 Generally.

Section 105.350 Bond.

Section 105.360 Warrants, Official Bonds, and Licenses.

Section 105.370 Salary.

Article V City Treasurer

Section 105.380 Generally.

Section 105.390 Bond.

Section 105.400 Report.

Section 105.410 Semi-Annual Statement.

Article VI Budget Officer

Section 105.420 Budget Officer.

Section 105.430 Form of Budget.

Section 105.440 Amount of Budget.

Section 105.450 Revision of Budget.

Section 105.460 Adoption of Budget.

Section 105.470 Increase of Expenditure.

Section 105.480 Public Inspection of Budget.

Section 105.490 Attestation of Budget.

Article VII City Attorney

Section 105.500 Qualifications.

Section 105.510 Duties.

Section 105.520 Special Counsel.

Section 105.530 Salary.

Article VIII Chief of Police

Section 105.540 Establishment of Office.

Section 105.545 Residency Requirements.

Section 105.550 Duties and Responsibilities.

Section 105.560 Authority to Establish Rules and Regulations.

Section 105.570 Selection and Appointment.

Section 105.580 Salary.

Article IX City Administrator

Section 105.590 Short Title.

Section 105.600 Residency Requirements.

Section 105.610 City Administrator.

Section 105.620 Bond Required.

Section 105.630 Compensation.

Section 105.640 Removal From Office, Suspension, Etc.

Section 105.650 Duties.

Section 105.660 Responsibilities.

Section 105.670 Assistant City Administrator.