City of Plattsburg, MO
Clinton County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 1618 §1, 9-10-2003]
Except where otherwise indicated by the context, the following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this Chapter:
Any used or old iron, steel, brass, copper, tin, lead or other base metals; old cordage, ropes, rags, fibers; old rubber; old bottles or other glass; old plastics; bones; waste paper and other waste or discarded material which might be prepared to be recycled or used again in some form; and any or all of the foregoing; and motor vehicles or other equipment designed or intended for operation on any roadway, or household appliances, or machines or equipment, no longer used as such, to be processed for scrap metal or the stripping of parts; but "junk" shall not include materials or objects accumulated by a person as by-products, waste or scraps from the operation of his own business, or materials or objects held and used by a manufacturer as an integral part of his own manufacturing processes.
A yard, lot or place, covered or uncovered, outdoors or in an enclosed building, containing junk as defined above upon which occurs one (1) or more acts of buying, keeping, storing, sorting, dismantling, processing, selling or offering for sale any such junk, in whole units or by parts, for a business or commercial purpose, whether or not the proceeds from such act or acts are to be used for charity.
A person who operates a junk yard, as defined above, within the limits of the City.
The owner of a junk yard or the owner of the real property upon which a junk yard is operated within the limits of the City.
[Ord. No. 1618 §1, 9-10-2003]
The following general operating requirements shall apply to all junk yard operators and junk yard owners operating within the City of Plattsburg, Missouri:
The junk yard, together with things kept therein, shall at all times be maintained in a sanitary condition.
No water shall be allowed to stand in any place on the premises in such a manner as to afford a breeding place for mosquitoes.
Weeds and vegetation on the premises, other than trees, shall be kept at a height of not more than four (4) inches.
No garbage or other waste capable of rotting, decomposing, giving off a foul odor or attracting vermin shall be kept on the premises; nor shall any household trash or refuse of any kind be kept on the premises.
No junk and no equipment used in the salvage or processing of junk shall be allowed to encroach or rest upon or to protrude over any public property, street, alley, walkway, sidewalk, easement or curb, nor shall junk be allowed to become scattered, washed off or blown off the business premises.
Junk shall be stored in piles not exceeding ten (10) feet in height, shall be stacked in a manner to prevent the falling or collapse of such piles, and shall be arranged so as to permit easy access to all such junk for fire-fighting purposes.
No combustible material of any kind not necessary or beneficial to the business shall be kept on the premises; nor shall the premises be allowed to become a fire hazard.
Gasoline and oil shall be drained, collected and removed from any scrapped motors, engines, tanks or vehicles on the premises.
No junk or other material shall be burned or smelted on the premises in any manner not meeting the prior approval of the Chief of the Plattsburg Fire Protection District.
No smoke, vapors or fumes from any smelting or burning on the premises shall be permitted to escape from the premises without the prior inspection and approval of the Clinton County Department of Health.
No noisy processing of junk or other loud or unreasonably noisy activity shall be carried on in connection with the junk business at any time between the hours of 6:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. or on Sundays, Christmas or Thanksgiving.
All outdoor areas on the premises where junk is kept or processed shall be enclosed, except for entrances and exits, with a solid vertical wall or fence of a minimum height of eight (8) feet measured from ground level. Entrances and exits shall not be wider nor more numerous than reasonably necessary for the conduct of the business. Each entrance and exit shall be fitted with a gate which shall remain locked at all times except during the normal operating hours of the business. Said wall or fence and its posts (which shall be placed on the inside of said wall or fence) shall be constructed of wood which is treated so as not to rot or be susceptible to termites or other similar pests and shall be built, maintained and anchored so as not to sag, become unsightly or fall over in high winds.
The junk yard operator shall:
Have and display current licenses or registration with the State of Missouri pursuant to Section 301.228, RSMo. (salvage business licensee) or show that he or she is not required to have such licenses or registration;
Maintain records open for inspection pursuant to Section 301.225, RSMo., and records proving ownership on all motor vehicles or trailers in the operator's possession or show that he or she is not required to maintain such records; and
Comply with the requirements of Sections 301.217 to 301.229, RSMo., or show that he or she is not required to so comply.
[Ord. No. 1618 §1, 9-10-2003]
Non-Conforming Junk Yards. All junk yards in violation of this Chapter are hereby declared to be public nuisances, and the operation of a junk yard in violation of this Chapter is a violation of the Municipal Code of the City of Plattsburg and unlawful. It shall be unlawful and a municipal ordinance violation for a junk yard owner to knowingly permit a junk yard to be operated on his or her property in violation of this Chapter. It shall be unlawful and a municipal ordinance violation for a junk yard operator to operate a junk yard in violation of this Chapter.
Enforcement. The provisions of Plattsburg Municipal Code Sections 220.030 to 220.080, providing for the abatement of nuisances, are hereby adopted and incorporated in this Chapter by reference as though fully set forth herein.
Penalties. Any person convicted of a violation of this Chapter shall be punished as provided in Section 100.070 Plattsburg Municipal Code. Each day on which any condition in violation of the provisions of this Chapter shall remain on any premises after the junk yard owner or operator is ordered to remove or abate such nuisance shall constitute a separate offense for which the owner or operator may be arrested, tried, convicted and punished without the necessity of further notices.