City of Plattsburg, MO
Clinton County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. of 1966 §460.010]
Every person who shall in any manner render or cause to be dangerous any street, sidewalk or other public place shall, from sunset to sunrise, provide and properly place such barriers and lights around such dangerous place as are hereafter required in the case of excavations.
[R.O. of 1966 §460.020]
No action shall be maintained against the City on account of injuries growing out of any defect in the condition of any bridge, boulevard, street, sidewalk or thoroughfare in the City until notice shall first have been given in writing to the Mayor of the City, within ninety (90) days of the occurrence for which such damage is claimed, stating the place where, the time when such injury was received, and the character and circumstances of the injury and that the person so injured will claim damages therefor from the City.
[R.O. of 1966 §460.030]
No person shall dump or deposit or cause to be deposited or dumped on any street of the City, or upon the property of any other person, any dirt, earth, rock, clay, sand, shale, building material, debris or rubbish, or any other material. Nothing in this Section contained shall prevent anyone performing public work in the grading of streets or making of improvements thereof, from putting necessary materials at such places as may be prescribed by the Street Committee.
[R.O. of 1966 §460.040]
No person shall sweep any dirt or litter of any kind whatsoever out of any building or private premises onto any public sidewalk or public sidewalk space or into any street, alley, avenue or public highway.
[R.O. of 1966 §460.050]
No owner, occupant or agent of any land abutting upon any street of the City shall allow the earth or any rubbish from such land to fall or wash upon any part of the street. Nor shall any such owner, occupant or agent of any land abutting upon any street, nor any other person, throw or cause to be thrown any dirt or rubbish of any kind, or any ice, snow or sleet upon such street.
[R.O. of 1966 §460.060]
No person shall throw, leave, deposit or in anywise place upon any sidewalk, curbing, guttering, street, parkway, boulevard, avenue, highway or footway, or on any area adjacent thereto, or on any private or public property other than a trash dump, any bottles, barrels, kegs, cans, broken ware, glass, paper, trash, garbage, rubbish, refuse, old wearing apparel, or any offensive substance whatsoever, or cause the same to be done.
[R.O. of 1966 §460.070]
No person shall burn any combustible matter of any kind on any asphalt or creosote block paved street within the limits of the City. No person shall throw or place any coal oil or other substance likely to injure the pavement upon any paved street within the limits of the City.
[R.O. of 1966 §460.080]
It shall be the duty of all persons owning or occupying any real property, fronting upon any street, to keep the sidewalk, curbing and guttering in front and along side of such property and on the same side of the street, in good order and to clean the same, and remove from any such sidewalk, curbing and guttering all ice, snow, earth or other substances that in anywise obstructs or renders the same dangerous, inconvenient or annoying to any person.
[R.O. of 1966 §460.090]
No owner, occupant or person in charge of any house, building lot or premises shall leave, place or deposit, or cause to be left, placed or deposited, or suffer or allow to remain in or upon any sidewalk, curbing or guttering in front or along side thereof any empty boxes, barrels, kegs, crates, boards, broken ware, glass, filth, ashes, cinders, slops, excrement, sawdust, straw, soot, sticks, shavings, oyster shells or cans, paper, trash, rubbish, refuse, offal, manure, putrid fish, meat, entrails, decayed fruits or vegetables, rags, old iron or metal of any kind, old wearing apparel, any animal or vegetable matter or any offensive substance whatsoever.
[R.O. of 1966 §460.100]
Every owner or occupant of any house, or other building, shall cause the pipes conducting the water from the eaves or roof of such house or other building to be so constructed as to prevent the spread of water over the sidewalk.
[Ord. No. 1089 §19, 2-12-1974]
All sidewalks, steps, driveway approaches, drainage facilities, erosion protection and/or street or alley appurtenances which are removed or damaged as a result of the work involved as covered by the permit, shall be repaired or replaced to the satisfaction of the Street Superintendent or the affected property owner.