City of St. Ann, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference — City collector, §115.130 et seq.
Article I Purchasing Regulations

Section 135.010 Applicability of Article.

Section 135.020 Notice Inviting Bids — Notice to Prospective Buyers — Number of Bids Accepted.

Section 135.030 No Exclusion of Legitimate Supplier — Use of Trade Name in Bid Request.

Section 135.040 Manner of Sealing, Delivering Bids.

Section 135.050 Log of Bids — Opening of Bids and Preparation of Bid Information for Presentation to Board of Aldermen.

Section 135.060 Bid Bond to Accompany Bid When Required.

Section 135.070 Standards for Determining Lowest and Best Bid.

Section 135.080 Contracts Awarded for All Labor and Material — Exception.

Section 135.090 Right of City to Accept or Reject Bids.

Section 135.100 Suspension of Procedures for Emergency Purchases of Supplies or Services.

Section 135.110 Employment of Professional Services.

Section 135.120 Contract Requirements.

Article II Surplus Property Sales

Section 135.130 Written Bids — Generally.

Section 135.140 Written Bids — Where Property's Estimated Value Exceeds Twenty Dollars.

Article III Sales Tax

Section 135.150 City Sales Tax — One Percent.

Section 135.155 Additional Property Tax to Maintain City Programs.

Section 135.160 (Reserved)

Section 135.165 Sales Tax for Economic Development.

Section 135.170 Capital Improvements Tax.

Section 135.175 Local Parks Tax.

Section 135.178 Sales Tax Holiday.

Article IV Forfeited Property

Section 135.180 Receipt of Property Forfeited to the City — Disposition and Use Thereof.

Article V Investment Policy

Section 135.190 Scope.

Section 135.200 General Objectives.

Section 135.210 Standards of Care.

Section 135.220 Investment Transactions.

Section 135.230 Suitable and Authorized Investments.

Section 135.240 Investment Parameters.

Section 135.250 Reporting.

Section 135.260 Policy Considerations.

Article VI Reserve Fund

Section 135.270 Reserve Fund Established.