City of St. Ann, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Police dogs, §200.070; garbage, trash and refuse, ch. 225; persons riding animals to obey traffic regulations, §310.030.
Article I In General

Section 210.010 Keeping of Certain Animals Restricted.

Article II Domestic Animal Control

Section 210.020 Title.

Section 210.030 Purpose.

Section 210.040 Definitions.

Section 210.050 Rabies Vaccination.

Section 210.051 Vaccination — Rabies Vaccination and License.

Section 210.055 License and Fee.

Section 210.060 Private Possession, Purchase or Sale of Anti-Rabies Vaccine.

Section 210.070 Animal Control Officer to Maintain Index — Confidentiality.

Section 210.080 Registration Tags.

Section 210.090 Impoundment.

Section 210.100 Misrepresentation Regarding Impounded Animal.

Section 210.110 Rabid Animals.

Section 210.120 Animals Bitten by, Exposed to or Showing Signs of Rabies.

Section 210.130 Euthanasia of Animals — Report.

Section 210.140 Confinement of Biting Animals — Animals Exposed to or Suspected of Exposure to Rabies.

Section 210.150 Rabies to Be Reported.

Section 210.160 Area Quarantine.

Section 210.170 Cooperation With Health Officials — Right of Entry.

Section 210.180 Cruelty to Animals — Abandonment.

Section 210.190 Bad Animals.

Section 210.191 Ground Feeding of Animals and Fowl Prohibited.

Section 210.200 Animals at Large Prohibited — Exceptions.

Section 210.210 Animals Creating a Nuisance.

Section 210.220 Citation for Certain Violations.

Section 210.230 Penalties.

Section 210.240 Animal Control Board.

Section 210.250 Animal Pens.

Section 210.260 Tethering Restricted.

Article III Non-Domestic Animal Control

Section 210.270 Title.

Section 210.280 Scope.

Section 210.290 Definitions.

Section 210.300 Exemptions.

Section 210.310 Notice of Sale or Gift.

Section 210.320 Investigation by Animal Control Officer.

Section 210.330 License — Required.

Section 210.340 License — Application — Number per Location — Amendments.

Section 210.350 License — Revocation.

Section 210.360 License — Transfer.

Section 210.370 Non-Domestic Animals at Large.

Section 210.380 Penalty.