City of St. Ann, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Planning and zoning commission, §120.090 et seq.; director of building and zoning, §115.240 et seq.; buildings and building regulations, chs. 500 and 505; flood damage prevention, ch. 410; housing, ch. 515; signs, ch. 525; streets, sidewalks and public places, ch. 530.
Article I Definitions

Section 400.010 Definitions.

Article II Districts Established

Section 400.020 Districts.

Section 400.030 District Map.

Section 400.040 Boundaries of Districts.

Article III Compliance With the Regulations

Section 400.050 Compliance With the Regulations.

Article IV "R-1" Single-Family Residence District

Section 400.060 "R-1" Single-Family Residence District.

Section 400.070 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.080 Accessory Uses.

Section 400.090 Special Uses.

Section 400.100 Parking Requirements.

Section 400.110 Area Requirements.

Section 400.120 Height Requirements.

Section 400.125 Establishing Size Standards.

Article V "R-2" Two-Family Residence District

Section 400.130 "R-2" Two-Family Residence District.

Section 400.140 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.150 Accessory Uses.

Section 400.160 Special Uses.

Section 400.170 Parking Requirements.

Section 400.180 Area Requirements.

Section 400.190 Height Requirements.

Article V-A "R-2A" Two-Family Attached Residence District

Section 400.192 "R-2A" Two-Family Attached Residence District.

Section 400.193 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.194 Accessory Uses.

Section 400.195 Parking Requirements.

Section 400.197 Area Requirements.

Section 400.198 Height Requirements.

Article VI "R-3" Multiple-Family Residence District

Section 400.200 "R-3" Multiple-Family Residence District.

Section 400.210 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.220 Accessory Uses.

Section 400.230 Special Uses.

Section 400.240 Parking Requirements.

Section 400.250 Area Requirements.

Section 400.260 Height Requirements.

Section 400.270 Site Design Requirements.

Article VI-A "R-4" Single-Family Residence District

Section 400.271 "R-4" Single-Family Residence District.

Section 400.272 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.273 Accessory Uses.

Section 400.274 Special Uses.

Section 400.275 Parking Requirements.

Section 400.276 Area Requirements.

Section 400.277 Height Requirements.

Section 400.278 Non-Conforming Uses.

Article VII "C-1" Local Commercial District

Section 400.280 "C-1" Local Commercial District.

Section 400.290 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.300 Accessory Uses.

Section 400.310 Special Uses.

Section 400.320 Parking Requirements.

Section 400.330 Area Requirements.

Section 400.340 Height Requirements.

Section 400.350 Site Design Requirements.

Article VIII "C-2" General Commercial District

Section 400.360 "C-2" General Commercial District.

Section 400.370 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.380 Accessory Uses.

Section 400.390 Special Uses.

Section 400.400 Parking Requirements.

Section 400.410 Loading Requirements.

Section 400.420 Area Requirements.

Section 400.430 Height Requirements.

Section 400.440 Site Design Requirements.

Article IX "C-3" Regional Shopping District

Section 400.450 "C-3" Regional Shopping District.

Section 400.460 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.465 Limitation of Permitted Uses to St. Charles Rock Road Corridor.

Section 400.470 Accessory Uses.

Section 400.480 Special Uses.

Section 400.490 Parking Requirements.

Section 400.500 Loading Requirements.

Section 400.510 Yard and Area Requirements.

Section 400.520 Height Requirements.

Section 400.530 Site Design Requirements.

Article X "M-1" Light Industrial District

Section 400.540 "M-1" Light Industrial District.

Section 400.550 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.560 Accessory Uses.

Section 400.570 Special Uses.

Section 400.580 Parking Regulations.

Section 400.590 Loading Requirements.

Section 400.600 Area Requirements.

Section 400.610 Height Requirements.

Section 400.620 Site Design Requirements.

Article XI Non-Conforming Uses

Section 400.630 Non-Conforming Uses.

Article XII Supplemental District Regulations

Section 400.640 Height Regulations.

Section 400.650 Area Regulations.

Section 400.660 Parking Regulations.

Section 400.665 Adult Entertainment Establishment or Business.

Section 400.670 Performance Standards.

Section 400.675 Home Occupations.

Article XIII Administration

Section 400.680 Enforcement — Director of Building and Zoning.

Section 400.690 Building Permits and Plats.

Section 400.700 Occupancy Permits.

Section 400.710 Violations — Penalties.

Section 400.720 Provisions of This Law to Govern, When.

Section 400.730 Restraining and Correcting of Violations.

Article XIV Special Use Regulations

Section 400.740 In General.

Section 400.750 Application for a Special Use Permit.

Section 400.760 Planning and Zoning Commission Review.

Section 400.770 Board of Aldermen Action.

Section 400.780 Criteria for Reviewing Applications.

Section 400.790 Lapse.

Article XV Appeals to the Board of Adjustment

Section 400.800 Establishment.

Section 400.810 Composition.

Section 400.820 Appeals.

Section 400.830 Powers of the Board.

Section 400.840 Revocation.

Section 400.850 Petition of Persons, Officers, Departments, Etc., Aggrieved by Decision of the Board.

Article XVI Amendments

Section 400.860 Authority of Board of Aldermen.

Section 400.870 Petition and Deposit.

Section 400.880 Plan Commission Review.

Section 400.890 Public Hearing.

Section 400.900 Notice to Owners.

Section 400.910 Board of Aldermen Action.

Article XVII Antennas and Antenna Support Structures

Section 400.920 Purposes.

Section 400.925 Definitions.

Section 400.930 General Requirements.

Section 400.935 Site Requirements.

Section 400.940 Zoning, Location, Setback and Height Regulations.

Section 400.945 Co-Use.

Section 400.950 Uses Authorized by Administrative Permit.

Section 400.955 Conditional Use Permit Required.

Section 400.960 Removal of Antenna Support Structure — Security for Removal.

Section 400.965 Prosecution for Violation.

Section 400.970 Severability.

Article XVIII Utility Facilities, Permits and Regulations

Section 400.980 Definitions.

Section 400.985 Facilities Permits.

Section 400.990 Facilities Regulations.