City of Greendale, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note: Former Ch. 232, Dumpsters and Other Large Trash Storage Containers, adopted 5-15-2012 by Ord. No. 631 §§ 1 — 11, was repealed 11-20-2012 by Ord. No. 635 § 1.

Section 232.010 Permit Required.

[Ord. No. 636 §1, 11-20-2012]
No owner or occupant of any residential structure consisting of two (2) dwelling units or fewer shall allow a dumpster or trash storage container larger than specified in Section 230.020 of the Greendale City Code to be stored on the property without obtaining a permit and paying the fee therefor.

Section 232.020 Fee.

[Ord. No. 636 §2, 11-20-2012]
In the event that an owner or occupant of residential structure desires to temporarily keep a dumpster or large trash storage container on the property because of construction or renovation, the owner or occupant may apply for a permit and pay the appropriate fee as follows:
Permit for location of dumpster or large trash storage container on residential property: ten dollars ($10.00).

Section 232.030 Duration of Permit.

[Ord. No. 636 §3, 11-20-2012]
No permit pursuant to this Section shall be issued for a period longer than fourteen (14) days. No extension of time for said permit is allowed.

Section 232.040 Emptying of Dumpster.

[Ord. No. 636 §4, 11-20-2012]
Every dumpster shall be emptied when such dumpster is full.

Section 232.050 Frequency of Permits.

[Ord. No. 636 §5, 11-20-2012]
A permit may be issued for the same residential structure only once every ninety (90) days.

Section 232.060 Application.

[Ord. No. 636 §6, 11-20-2012]
Application shall be made on a form approved by the City Administrator.

Section 232.070 Permit Conditions.

[Ord. No. 636 §7, 11-20-2012]
The City Administrator shall review all applications for dumpster/trash container permits and shall outline appropriate permit conditions in order to lessen the effect on adjoining property and ensure that the dumpster/trash storage container is screened to the greatest extent possible, won't be a distraction or hazard to traffic and pedestrians and meets the requirement of this Section. Such permit conditions shall include provision for temporary locations, size and type of container, weight limitations, collection times, and prohibition of certain special wastes such as toxic waste, oils and flammable material.

Section 232.080 Compliance With Conditions; Removal of Dumpster.

[Ord. No. 636 §8, 11-20-2012]
The applicant shall comply with all permit conditions as set forth by the City Administrator, and the dumpster or trash storage container shall be removed immediately upon expiration of the permit.

Section 232.090 Placement of Dumpsters.

[Ord. No. 636 §9, 11-20-2012]
No dumpster or trash containers shall be placed on the sidewalk or in the right-of way, Dumpsters and trash storage containers shall be stored on or above a smooth surface of non-absorbent material such as concrete or machine-laid asphalt that is kept clean and maintained in good repair.

Section 232.100 Maintenance of Dumpsters.

[Ord. No. 636 §10, 11-20-2012]
All dumpsters and trash storage containers shall be leakproof, waterproof and properly covered at all times when not in use. The property owner shall maintain such dumpsters and solid waste containers and the area surrounding them in a clean, neat and sanitary condition at all times. The area in and around such dumpsters and containers shall be kept free from debris and blowing trash which would litter the surrounding area, neighborhood properties or the right-of-way.

Section 232.110 Violation.

[Ord. No. 636 §11, 11-20-2012]
Failure to obtain the appropriate permit, failure to comply with permit conditions and failure to remove the container immediately upon the expiration of the permit is a violation and is punishable pursuant to Section 100.220 of the Greendale Municipal Code.