City of Berkeley, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Building Codes

Section 500.010 Adoption of International Building Codes.

Section 500.015 Travel Distances in Aircraft Manufacturing Facilities.

Article II Electrical Code

Section 500.020 Adoption of the National Electrical Code.

Article III through VII. (Reserved)

Section 500.030 through Section 500.070. (Reserved)

Article VIII Weights and Measures Code

Section 500.080 Weights and Measures Code.

Article IX Permits, Miscellaneous Fees and Administration

Section 500.090 Building and Occupancy Permits.

Section 500.095 Real Property Owners Jointly and Severally Responsible for Obtaining Occupancy Permit.

Section 500.100 Inspection Fees, Frequency of Inspections and Permits.

Section 500.105 Fee for the Repair of Lateral Sewer Line.

Section 500.110 Building Commissioner.

Section 500.120 Deposit for Street Protection.

Section 500.130 Termination of Building Permits.

Article X Miscellaneous Regulations

Section 500.140 Sidewalks in Front of New Buildings.

Section 500.150 Excavations.

Section 500.160 Barbed Wire.

Section 500.170 Rent/Lease Permits of Residential Rental Units.

Section 500.175 Inspection of Rental Property.

Section 500.180 Architectural Review.

Section 500.185 Site and Construction Plans Approval.

Section 500.190 Demolition, Moving, Permits, Bonds and Requirements.

Section 500.200 Television Microwave Antennas.

Section 500.210 Safety and Aesthetics in Commercial Buildings.

Section 500.220 Minimum Standards for Exterior Maintenance of Property.

Section 500.230 Earthquake and Seismic Design Requirements.

Section 500.235 Regulations Concerning the Use of Large Trucks and Trailer Signage.

Section 500.237 Regulations Concerning Portable Storage Units — Permits Required.

Article XI Penalty

Section 500.240 Validity and Severability.

Section 500.250 Saving Clause.

Section 500.260 Penalties.