City of Berkeley, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference — As to economic development sales tax board and trust fund, §145.100 et seq.
Article I General Provisions

Section 605.010 Definitions.

Section 605.020 License Required.

Section 605.030 Issuance of Licenses.

Section 605.035 Businesses — Transfer of Special Use Permits.

Section 605.040 Licenses and Permits, Conditions for Issuance.

Section 605.050 Method of Calculating License Taxes.

Section 605.060 Nature of Tax.

Section 605.070 License Fee.

Section 605.080 Statement of Business Activity.

Article II Miscellaneous Service Occupations — License Fees

Section 605.090 License Fees.

Article III Licensing and Regulating the Business of Motor Vehicle Rentals

Section 605.100 Definitions.

Section 605.110 License Required.

Section 605.120 Applications.

Section 605.130 Special Land Use Permit Required.

Section 605.140 City Tags.

Section 605.150 License Fee.

Section 605.160 Maintenance of Parking Lot.

Section 605.170 Penalties.

Article IV Licensing and Regulating the Business of Operating Parking Lots for Motor Vehicles

Section 605.180 Definitions.

Section 605.190 License Required.

Section 605.200 Applications.

Section 605.210 Special Land Use Permit Required.

Section 605.220 License Fees.

Section 605.230 Revocation of License.

Section 605.240 Rates.

Section 605.250 Signs Required.

Section 605.260 Not to Refuse Vehicles.

Section 605.270 Claim Checks — Return of Vehicle.

Section 605.280 Bond or Liability Insurance Required.

Section 605.290 Maintenance of Parking Lot.

Section 605.300 Notification of Claims for Damage or Loss.

Section 605.310 Unauthorized Use or Removal of Vehicles.

Section 605.320 Fire Protection.

Section 605.330 License Fee.

Section 605.340 Penalties.

Section 605.350 Severability.

Article V Licensing and Regulating the Business of Tow Truck Companies

Section 605.360 Definitions.

Section 605.370 License Required.

Section 605.380 Requirements for License.

Section 605.390 Special Land Use Permit.

Section 605.400 Investigation by Chief of Police — Issuance of License.

Section 605.410 License Fee — Term.

Section 605.420 Suspension or Revocation Procedure.

Section 605.430 Variance — Transfer of License.

Section 605.440 Vehicle Labeling.

Section 605.450 Price Schedule and Authorization for Tow.

Section 605.460 Statement Required.

Section 605.470 Exemptions.

Section 605.480 Insurance Required.

Section 605.490 Miscellaneous Regulations.

Section 605.500 Penalties.

Article VI Licensing for Coin-Operated Devices

Section 605.510 Coin-Operated Devices.

Section 605.520 Rules and Regulations.

Section 605.530 Application for License.

Section 605.540 Delinquent Tax and Fees.

Section 605.550 False Application.

Section 605.560 Maintenance of Records.

Article VII Licensing for Hospitals

Section 605.570 Hospitals.

Article VIII Outdoor Vendors

Section 605.580 Flea Markets.

Article IX Junk Yards, Salvage Yards, Automobile Salvage Yards and Automobile Wrecking Yards

Section 605.590 Regulation of Junk Yards, Salvage Yards, Automobile Salvage Yards and Automobile Wrecking Yards.

Article X Regulations Concerning Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishments

Section 605.600 Tattoo and Body Piercing.

Section 605.610 Other Requirements.