City of Berkeley, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Short Title

Section 645.010 Short Title.

Article II Definitions

Section 645.020 Definitions.

Article III Provisions of the Franchise

Section 645.030 Grant of Non-Exclusive Authority.

Section 645.040 Duration of Franchise.

Section 645.050 Renewal of Franchise.

Section 645.060 Transfer of Ownership or Control.

Section 645.070 Termination of Franchise at Expiration.

Section 645.080 City Right of Purchase Upon Revocation.

Article IV Franchise Territory Defined

Section 645.090 Territorial Area Involved.

Article V System Design

Section 645.100 Channel Capacity.

Section 645.110 Access Channels.

Section 645.120 Channel Uses — Basic Service.

Section 645.130 Channel Uses — Additional Service.

Section 645.140 Service to Schools.

Section 645.150 Two-Way Cablecasting.

Section 645.160 Emergency Requirements.

Section 645.170 Interconnection.

Article VI Technical, Performance and Construction Standards

Section 645.180 Technical Standards.

Section 645.190 Construction Codes.

Section 645.200 Performance Measurement.

Section 645.210 Overhead and Underground Construction Requirements.

Section 645.220 Tree Trimming Authorization.

Section 645.230 Relocation to Accommodate Public Improvements.

Section 645.240 Right of Inspection and Restoration.

Section 645.250 Company to Exercise Reasonable Care and Diligence.

Article VII Local Regulatory Provisions

Section 645.260 Procedure for Continuing Regulation.

Section 645.270 Construction Timetable.

Section 645.280 Provision of Service.

Section 645.290 Maintenance and Alteration of the System After Construction.

Section 645.300 Initial Rates — Request Timing — Determination of Authority.

Section 645.310 Rate Change Procedures.

Section 645.320 Service to Local Government Buildings.

Section 645.330 Refunds to Subscribers.

Section 645.340 Franchise Fee.

Section 645.350 Payment to the City.

Section 645.360 Discriminatory Practices Prohibited.

Section 645.370 Operation and Maintenance of Standards.

Section 645.380 Other Business Activities.

Section 645.390 Conditions on Street Occupancy.

Section 645.400 Erection, Removal and Common User of Poles.

Section 645.410 Continuity of Service Mandatory.

Section 645.420 Method for Resolving Disputes.

Section 645.430 Records and Reports.

Section 645.440 Accounting Standards.

Section 645.450 Annual Financial Report Requirements.

Section 645.460 Franchise Review and Evaluation.

Section 645.470 New Developments.

Section 645.480 Forfeiture or Revocation of Franchise.

Section 645.490 Liability and Indemnification.

Section 645.500 Receivership and Foreclosure.

Article VIII Application Selection Process

Section 645.510 Competitive Petition.

Section 645.520 Acceptance and Effective Date of Franchise.

Article IX Rights of Individuals

Section 645.530 Prohibition of Cable Tapping.

Section 645.540 Prohibition of Cable Monitoring.

Section 645.550 Permission of Property Owner Required.

Section 645.560 Sale of Subscriber Lists Prohibited.

Section 645.570 Privacy and Other Human Rights.

Article X Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 645.580 Establishment of the North Area Cable Television Authority.

Section 645.590 Transactions Affecting Ownership of Facilities.

Section 645.600 Right of Intervention.

Section 645.610 Violations and Penalties.

Article XI Adoption of Certain Customer Service Rules

Section 645.620 Consumer Service Obligations.

Section 645.630 Cable System Office Hours and Telephone Availability.

Section 645.640 Customer Service Center.

Section 645.650 Installations, Outages and Service Calls.

Section 645.660 Notification to Subscribers.

Section 645.670 Changes in Program.

Section 645.680 Billing Procedures.

Section 645.690 Refunds.

Section 645.700 Definitions.

Section 645.710 Penalty.