City of Augusta, ME
Kennebec County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted at referendum 11-4-2008. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Article I Grant of Powers to City

Sec. 1 Corporate existence retained.

Article II City Council

Sec. 1 Composition; election; tenure of office.

Sec. 2 Establishment of voting wards and qualifications, review of ward boundaries.

Sec. 3 Compensation.

Sec. 4 Powers and duties.

Sec. 5 Vacancies; forfeiture of office.

Sec. 6 Regular meetings.

Sec. 7 Special meetings.

Sec. 8 Quorum.

Sec. 9 Procedure.

Sec. 10 Charter review.

Article III Mayor

Sec. 1 Eligibility, election and tenure of office.

Sec. 2 Vacancy.

Sec. 3 Powers and duties.

Sec. 4 Compensation.

Sec. 5 Chairperson of Council.

Article IV Board of Education

Sec. 1 Composition, election and tenure of office.

Sec. 2 Powers and duties; organization.

Sec. 3 Procedures.

Sec. 4 School budget, hearings, appropriations, audit of accounts.

Sec. 5 Chairperson of Board.

Sec. 6 Chairperson of the Board Pro Tem.

Sec. 7 Superintendent of Schools.

Sec. 8 Conference committee.

Article V Nominations and Elections

Sec. 1 Date of elections and procedure to determine results.

Sec. 2 Warden and Ward Clerk; eligibility; tenure; qualification.

Sec. 3 Nominations for elective offices to be made by petition.

Sec. 4 Form of nomination papers.

Sec. 5 Filing nomination papers; acceptances of nominations must be filed.

Sec. 6 List of candidates to be published.

Sec. 7 Ballots to be prepared by City Clerk.

Sec. 8 Form of ballot.

Sec. 9 Count of ballots.

Sec. 10 Returns; canvass.

Sec. 11 Sample ballots to be published and posted.

Sec. 12 State laws not inconsistent applicable.

Article V-A Initiative and Referendum

Sec. 1 Preamble.

Sec. 2 Established.

Sec. 3 Authority to establish regulations.

Sec. 4 Effect of repeal.

Sec. 5 Form of application.

Sec. 6 Procedure to invoke.

Sec. 7 Council's authority to propose enactments or repeals.

Sec. 8 Form of ballots.

Sec. 9 Publication of text.

Sec. 10 Multiple questions.

Sec. 11 Effective date of results.

Sec. 12 Failure of referendum or initiative.

Sec. 13 Procedure for repealing or amending.

Article VI Administrative Officers

Sec. 1 Titles and appointments.

Sec. 2 Appointive officers; tenure; removal.

Sec. 3 Salaries.

Sec. 4 Appointment and qualification of City Manager.

Sec. 5 Removal of City Manager.

Sec. 6 Powers and duties of City Manager.

Sec. 7 Absence of City Manager.

Sec. 8 Assessment administration and assessment review.

Article VII Business and Financial Provisions

Sec. 1 Accounts and records.

Sec. 2 Audit.

Sec. 3 Reports.

Sec. 4 Annual budget.

Sec. 5 Appropriation resolve.

Sec. 6 Borrowing.

Sec. 7 Bond issues.

Sec. 8 Temporary loans.

Sec. 9 Payments.

Sec. 10 Bonds of officers.

Sec. 11 Collection and custody of City monies.

Sec. 12 Purchasing of supplies.

Article VIII Miscellaneous Provisions

Sec. 1 Additional provision with respect to insurance plans.

Sec. 2 Separability.