City of Fredericksburg, VA
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Code 1991, § 13-141]
Unless otherwise specifically provided, a violation of any provision of this chapter shall constitute a Class 4 misdemeanor. Each day that a violation continues shall constitute a separate offense.
[Code 1991, § 13-142]
It shall be unlawful for any person to hire any other person to distribute any handbill, circular or other advertisement contrary to the provisions of the ordinances of the City.
[Code 1991, § 13-143]
It shall be unlawful for any person to distribute or scatter, or cause to be distributed or scattered, on the streets, alleys or lanes of or in or about any lot, yard, porch or vestibule of any building in the City, any sample, handbill, dodger, circular or other paper, advertising matter or device liable to litter the streets and premises of the City. This section shall not prohibit any person from distributing such matter from house to house, provided it is so distributed that it will not be blown or cast into the street.
[Code 1991, § 13-144]
It shall be unlawful for any person to solicit or advertise any business, service or product by placing or causing to be placed handbills, circulars or other matter in or on any motor vehicle, without the consent of the owner or custodian of such motor vehicle.
[Code 1991, § 13-145]
It shall be unlawful for any person to distribute advertising matter, by posters, bills, samples or otherwise, except by handing the advertising matter to pedestrians willing to accept it, on the streets of the City.
[Code 1991, § 13-146]
It shall be unlawful for any City official or other person to nail, tack, paste, or in any other manner attach or cause to be attached any sign, notice, advertisement or other poster to any telegraph, telephone or electric light pole or curbing, or any public property whatsoever, within the limits of the City, or on any trees on the streets or sidewalks, or any house, wall or fence within the City limits, without the written permission of the owner thereof.
[Code 1991, § 13-147]
It shall be unlawful for any person to encumber, encroach upon or use any portion of any street, sidewalk, alley, or public space of the City for the display of signs of any description, except for business and temporary informational signs erected over or using any portion of any street, sidewalk, alley or public space of the City, which are authorized by the City Manager and for which the City Manager issues a permit.
Prior to such authorization the City Manager shall determine that any proposed sign does not conflict with other sign regulations in this Code, does not present a hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic, does not impair sight distance and does not interfere with loading, utilities or any other function deemed to have priority over the proposed sign. The City Manager shall also determine the size, shape, number, location, and duration of display of proposed signs and the expiration date of the permit. The following permit fee schedule is established:
Business sign: $25.
Temporary informational sign: $10.
[Code 1991, § 13-148]
Temporary signs or banners made of cloth or other light flexible material and attached by cords or light rope may be placed over the streets from curb to curb subject to the following conditions:
The City Manager must first approve the material, attachment and location of such sign or banner and issue a permit therefor.
The lowest point of any such sign, banner and attachment must be at least 14 feet above the street level.
The subject matter of such sign or banner must be of a charitable, fraternal, religious, or civic nature.
The maintenance of any such sign or banner and permit therefor shall be limited to 30 days.
It shall be unlawful for any person to fail to comply with the provisions of this section.
[Code 1991, § 13-149]
Any person who, with intent to sell or in any wise dispose of merchandise, securities, service or anything offered by such person, directly or indirectly, to the public for sale or distribution or with intent to increase the consumption thereof, or to induce the public in any manner to enter into any obligation relating thereto, or to acquire title thereto, or any interest therein, makes, publishes, disseminates, circulates or places before the public, or causes, directly or indirectly, to be made, published, disseminated, circulated or placed before the public, in a newspaper or other publication, or in the form of a book, notice, handbill, poster, blueprint, map, bill, tag, label, circular, pamphlet or letter or in any other way, an advertisement of any sort regarding merchandise, securities, service, land, lot or anything so offered to the public, which advertisement contains any promise, assertion, representation or statement of fact which is untrue, deceptive or misleading, or uses any other method, device or practice which is fraudulent, deceptive or misleading to induce the public to enter into any obligation, shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. The words "untrue, deceptive and misleading," as used in this section, shall be construed as including:
The advertising in any manner by any person of any goods, wares or merchandise as a bankrupt stock, receiver's stock or trustee's stock, if such stock contains any goods, wares or merchandise put therein subsequent to the date of the purchase by such advertiser of such stock, and if such advertisement of any such stock fails to set forth the fact that such stock contains other goods, wares or merchandise put therein subsequent to the date of the purchase by such advertiser of such stock, in type as large as the type used in any other part of such advertisement, including the caption of the advertisement; and
The use of any writing or document which appears to be, but is not in fact, a negotiable check, negotiable draft or other negotiable instrument notwithstanding the fact that its nonnegotiability is indicated on the writing or document.
[Code 1991, § 13-150]
A person who knowingly uses for advertising purposes, or for the purpose of trade, the name, portrait, or picture of any person resident in the commonwealth, without having first obtained the written consent of such person, or, if dead, of his surviving consort, or, if none, his next of kin, or, if a minor, of his parent or guardian, as well as that of such minor, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and be fined not less than $50 and not more than $1,000.