Town of Mansfield, MA
Bristol County
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[Amended 4-10-2018 ATM by Art. 23[1]]
Upon the effective date of this Charter the Select Board shall appoint to the office of Town Manager, for a three-year term, a person especially qualified by education, training and experience in public or business administration. They may be removed for cause during a term of office, subject to the provisions of Section 9-7 of the Charter. They may be reappointed to successive three-year terms at the discretion of the Select Board. The Town Manager shall not have held elective office in Mansfield within two years prior to their appointment. The Town Manager may not engage in any other compensable occupation or profession unless approved in writing by a 4/5 vote of the Select Board. The Select Board shall fix the Town Manager's salary within and solely from the annual appropriation for Town Manager's salary.
Editor's Note: This article was approved at a special election held 10-16-2018.
[Amended 3-21-1983]
The Town Manager shall be the chief executive and administrative officer of the Town, and shall have full administrative authority over its departments, and shall manage the Town's affairs in accordance with the policies of the Select Board.
They shall have the power to appoint, employ or dismiss all department heads and members of their staff, and to resolve any differences among them.
They shall appoint a town clerk; town treasurer-collector; town engineer; planning director in accordance with Section 7-6; department of public works director; parks and recreation director; chief of police department; chief of fire department; inspector of buildings; and civil defense director. They shall appoint the industrial and development commission and historical commission. They shall further appoint all other officers whose appointment is not otherwise provided for by this Charter or Town Meeting vote.
They may organize, reorganize or discontinue departments as they deem necessary, in accordance with the policies of the Select Board and within the provisions of this Charter.
They shall be the purchasing agent for all activities and departments, and shall purchase all materials and services and negotiate and execute all contracts for the town.
They shall annually submit the proposed budget for the ensuing fiscal year in accordance with Section 8-2 of this Charter.
They shall attend and provide information for Town Meetings. They shall attend meetings of the Select Board whenever possible and shall have a voice but no vote in such meetings.
They shall keep the Select Board informed of the needs of the Town, shall recommend policy changes to the Board as they deem necessary, and shall report to the Board on the conduct of their office.
They shall keep full and accurate public records of their office, and shall annually report to the voters on the condition of the Town and its needs for the future.
They shall inquire into the operations and financial condition of departments under their control as they deem necessary to insure the efficient conduct of office.
They shall have full jurisdiction over all town property and shall be responsible for its maintenance, except where otherwise provided by this Charter.
They shall be the Personnel Director of the Town, shall administer the Job Classification System, and shall conduct or appoint an agent to conduct collective bargaining sessions with the employees of their departments.
They shall be a non-voting member of the Capital Improvement Program Committee.
They may be the Agent of the Board of Health.
They may be the manager of the municipal electric department for the purposes of administrative control and purchasing authority.
They shall cause to be prepared, published and readily available for sale from the office of Town Clerk current copies of all Town laws and regulations.
They shall insure that, within their areas of responsibility, all general laws, provisions of this Charter, Town Meeting votes and policies of the Select Board are faithfully executed.
They shall perform other duties as required by the Select Board.
In the event of a vacancy in the office of Town Manager, the Select Board shall immediately thereafter appoint a qualified person to be the acting Town Manager who shall exercise all the authority and responsibilities of the Town Manager. The Select Board shall endeavor to appoint a new Town Manager as soon as possible.