Town of Mansfield, MA
Bristol County
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The purpose of this bylaw is to have a standard addressing system for public safety and emergency response.
All dwelling houses, places of business, and other buildings located on or near the lines of public ways, or private ways open to the public, in the Town of Mansfield shall be sequentially numbered from one end of the street to the other, the buildings on one side bearing even numbers and the buildings on the opposite side bearing odd numbers.
Numbering of condominiums and/or apartments.
Numbering of condominiums and/or apartments shall comply with the following standards:
One street number address.
Buildings identified by a single letter: A, B, C, etc. (no letter if a single building).
Unit number: a three-digit number starting as follows:
Basement 0XX.
First floor: 1XX.
Second floor: 2XX.
Third floor: 3XX, etc.
For example, if used for Copeland Crossing at 287 Chauncy Street, the address of the second floor Unit 201, in Building A, would be:
The developer should establish the address and unit numbers during the design stages and include them on the building plans.
A number shall be assigned to open and/or unoccupied land fronting on public or private ways open to the public. A number shall be assigned for each lot fronting on such street or way as defined and provided in the Zoning Bylaws of the Town.[1] A number shall be assigned that allows for additional numbering if the lot is further subdivided, based on the minimum lot frontage for that zoning district.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 230, Zoning.
The number shall be determined by the location of the front door of the building. Such numbering shall be done by and under the supervision of the Assessor's Office or its designee. In the case of corner lots or other cases of confusion or conflict, the Assessor's Office will make the final determination after consultation with the Chief of Police, Fire Chief, or their designees. Such determination will be made in the interest of public safety. Affixing or painting of the assigned numbers will be administered by the Assessor's Office, under the direction of the Select Board members.
Wherever necessary, in the opinion of the Assessor's Office or its designee, for the proper implementation of the intent of this bylaw, the numbers of the present buildings will be changed; but otherwise, present numbering shall remain the same.
The Assessor's Office shall determine from which end of the street the numbering shall begin.
The Assessor's Office shall send a written notice of a number change by certified mail, or delivery, to the owners of all property upon determination of the number to be assigned by it, to any building, premises, or property in accordance with this bylaw. The notice shall inform the owner of the assigned number, whether new or changed.
No later than 30 days from the mailing or delivery of notice pursuant to § 94-14, the owners of buildings on the affected property shall post the assigned number in a conspicuous manner, not on a door, so as to be clearly visible and legible, both day and night, from both directions of the street or way on which the property fronts. The number shall not be blocked from view by any means or object, natural or artificial. The number shall be posted at the access to the property if the building is not readily visible from the street.
Any building hereafter erected shall bear the numbers, previously assigned under the provisions of this bylaw, to the particular lot upon which such building is erected and shall not thereafter use or display any other number therefor.
Any person, firm, or corporation violating this chapter by failing to comply with the provisions of § 94-15 hereof, after receiving the notice provided for in § 94-14, or who removes, changes, or defaces such assigned number shall be, subject to the procedure in § 94-18, liable to a fine not exceeding $50 for each day the violation exists.
The Building Inspector and/or the Police and Fire Department representatives to the E911 team shall be responsible for the enforcement of this bylaw.
Upon discovery of a violation as set forth in § 94-17, the offender shall be issued a warning citation; if compliance has not been achieved within 10 days of said warning, a second and final warning shall be issued, with the option of requesting a hearing before the Town Manager. If said hearing has not been requested or compliance achieved within 10 days of the second warning, all further citations shall carry the fines established under § 94-17.