City of Camdenton, MO
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Board of Aldermen

Section 105.010 Qualifications of Aldermen — Term of Office.

Section 105.020 Oath.

Section 105.030 Membership.

Section 105.040 Compensation.

Article II Officers and Employees

Section 105.050 Officers Enumerated.

Section 105.060 Term of Appointive Officers.

Section 105.070 Officers to Be Qualified Voters and Residents — Exceptions.

Section 105.080 Oath of Office — Bond Generally.

Section 105.090 Commission to Be Delivered.

Section 105.100 Salaries.

Section 105.110 Administration of Oaths.

Section 105.120 Vacancies.

Article III Mayor

Section 105.130 How Elected, Etc.

Section 105.140 Standing Committees Appointed.

Section 105.150 Proclamations, Meetings, Elections.

Section 105.160 May Remit Fines, Grant Pardons, Etc.

Section 105.170 (Reserved)

Section 105.180 Power to Enforce Laws.

Section 105.190 Presiding Over Board of Aldermen — Voting Rights — Supervision of City Affairs.

Section 105.200 Communications to Board.

Section 105.210 Approval of Bill — Veto Power.

Section 105.220 Compensation.

Article IV City Attorney

Section 105.230 (Reserved)

Section 105.240 Qualifications.

Section 105.250 Duties Generally.

Section 105.260 Temporary Absence — Acting City Attorney.

Section 105.270 Compensation.

Article V City Clerk

Section 105.280 (Reserved)

Section 105.290 Duties Generally.

Section 105.300 Compensation.

Section 105.310 Temporary City Clerk.

Article VI City Collector

Section 105.320 (Reserved)

Section 105.330 Compensation of City Collector.

Article VII City Administrator

Section 105.340 Office of City Administrator.

Section 105.350 (Reserved)

Section 105.360 Compensation of City Administrator.

Section 105.370 Removal of City Administrator.

Section 105.380 City Administrator — Duties.

Section 105.390 Powers of City Administrator.