City of Camdenton, MO
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Assessment and Levy of Taxes

Section 165.010 Assessments — How Made.

Section 165.020 Board to Fix Rates of Levy.

Section 165.030 Tax Books — How Made and Delivered.

Section 165.040 City Clerk to Make Tax Books — Charge Collector.

Section 165.050 Board Shall Not Exempt Any Person From Any Tax.

Article II The City Collector

Section 165.060 Collector to Prepare Tax Bills.

Section 165.070 To Collect All Monies.

Section 165.080 To Issue Licenses.

Section 165.090 Delinquent Tax Lists.

Section 165.100 Collector to Collect Delinquent Taxes.

Section 165.110 Collector to Report to Board.

Section 165.120 Collector to Turn Lists Over to Successor.

Section 165.130 Board May Strike Off Delinquent Personal Taxes.

Section 165.140 Collector to Make Annual Report.

Section 165.150 To Perform Other Duties.

Section 165.160 (Reserved)

Section 165.170 (Reserved)

Article III Funds of the City

Section 165.180 Funds — Designation of.

Section 165.190 Funds — Accounting of.

Section 165.200 Bond Issue Funds — How Used.

Section 165.210 Sinking Fund — Investment of.

Section 165.220 Residue of Bond Funds — How Applied.

Article IV Depositories of Funds

Section 165.230 Selection of Depositories.

Section 165.240 City Treasurer to Deposit in Depository.

Section 165.250 Money — How Drawn From Treasury.

Section 165.260 Audit of Claims and Issuance of Warrants.

Section 165.270 Issuance of Checks.

Section 165.280 Warrant Defined.

Article V Treasurer

Section 165.290 Office Established.

Section 165.300 Term of Office.

Section 165.310 Duties.

Section 165.320 Bond.

Article VI Issuance of Licenses and Permits

Section 165.330 Proper Officer to Issue — How Accounted for.

Section 165.340 License or Permit Not to Be Issued — When.

Section 165.350 City Collector to Provide Method of Checking.

Article VII Sales Tax

Section 165.360 Imposition of City Sales Tax.

Section 165.370 Imposition of City Sales Tax for Transportation Purposes, Etc.

Section 165.380 Capital Improvements Tax.