City of Neosho, MO
Newton County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
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[Code 1962 §2-125; CC 1979 §22-16]
In order to make adequate provision for and to guide and direct the future development and growth of the City and to avail the City of the powers and benefits conferred by Sections 89.010 to 89.140, RSMo., 1969, there is hereby created a Commission to be known as the City Planning and Zoning Commission.
[Code 1962 §2-126; CC 1979 §22-17]
The City Planning and Zoning Commission shall consist of seven (7) appointed and two (2) ex officio members, who shall be citizens of the City and who shall serve without pay. The City Manager and the Building Inspector shall be ex officio members of such Commission.
[Code 1962 §2-127; CC 1979 §22-18]
Each member of the City Planning and Zoning Commission shall be appointed by the City Council by resolution. Initially two (2) members shall serve for one (1) year, two (2) for two (2) years, and three (3) for three (3) years. The term of each member shall be determined and assigned by the Council at the time of appointment. Subsequent terms shall be for three (3) years. In the event of a vacancy, a new member shall be appointed to fill such vacancy in the same manner and for the remainder of the unexpired term.
[Code 1962 §2-128; CC 1979 §22-19]
The City Planning and Zoning Commission shall elect from its members a chairman, a vice-chairman and a secretary, and may adopt rules and regulations for its own organization and procedure as it may deem proper, not inconsistent with law and the ordinances of the City. Such Commission shall meet at such times and at such places as may be determined by the members of the Commission, suitable to their needs and convenience and to the end that its final report on zoning to the City Council may be submitted without undue delay.
[Code 1962 §2-129; CC 1979 §22-20]
The City Planning and Zoning Commission may employ such City planners, engineers, surveyors, clerks and other persons as may be authorized and approved by the City Council, whose salaries and compensation and the necessary expenses of the Commission shall be provided for at the discretion of the City Council by proper appropriations or ordinances, and no expenditures shall be incurred or made without the consent and approval of the City Council, nor shall any expenditure exceed the amount appropriated or consented to by the City Council.
[Code 1962 §2-130; CC 1979 §22-21]
The City Planning and Zoning Commission shall make studies, investigations and surveys, hold public hearings, and do all things necessary, advisable and proper to determine and shall thereupon recommend by a report to the City Council the boundaries of the various original Zoning Districts and appropriate regulations to be enforced therein, and shall prepare and submit a suggested comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and plans, maps, outlines, and drawings, covering the whole City and the various recommendations of a zoning system for the City. The Commission shall make a preliminary report and shall hold public hearings thereon before submitting its final report to the City Council. The Commission shall prepare and submit plans for the physical development of the City, or portions thereof, and areas adjacent to the City which in the opinion of the Commission bears relation to the welfare, convenience and beauty of the City, together with its recommendations as to restrictions and other questions and issues relating to the development of the City and its adjacent areas, and such plans shall show the ideas and recommendations of the Commission relative to the location, width and arrangement of streets, alleys, bridges, parks, playgrounds, location of public buildings, public improvements, and other things pertaining to the welfare and appearance of the City or any portion thereof.