City of Neosho, MO
Newton County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Police, ch. 200; vehicle wheels depositing mud, etc., on streets, §230.120; railroads, Title III; driving on sidewalks prohibited, §340.070; planning and zoning commission, ch. 400; zoning regulations, ch. 405; subdivision regulations, ch. 410; use of streets by peddlers, §615.100.
[Code 1962 §27-1; CC 1979 §26-1]
The Street Superintendent shall oversee and superintend the grading of streets and the construction and repair of all bridges, sidewalks and gutters ordered to be constructed, repaired, graded or built, and shall perform such other duties as may be required of him/her by the provisions of this Code and other ordinances of the City.
Cross Reference — Administration, ch. 110, art. I.
[CC 1979 §26-2; Ord. No. 902 §§1 — 4, 6-17-1975; Ord. No. 938 §§1 — 4, 10-21-1976; Ord. No. 1142 §§1, 2, 6-15-1982]
The City Manager and the City Attorney, with the concurrence of the City Council, have caused an architect/engineer to prepare standard specifications for alternative surfacing of streets and alleys, and for construction of curbs and gutters and sidewalks, a copy of which standard specifications, as amended to include the "City of Neosho Specifications for Asphalt Curbs," which is on file in the City Clerk's office and designated as "City of Neosho Street Standard Specifications for Asphaltic Concrete Paving; Portland Cement Concrete Paving; Concrete Curbs and Gutter; and Concrete Sidewalks."
Such standard specifications, as amended, are hereby adopted as standard specifications for all construction and resurfacing work on streets and alleys and all construction or replacement of curbs and gutters and sidewalks in the City.
A copy of such standard specifications shall be kept on file with the City Clerk and any amendments or additions thereto shall be approved by the City Council with such amendments or additions placed on file with the City Clerk.
In subdivisions where costs of street improvements are borne by the developer of the subdivision, such developer shall be entitled to choose the type of street surfacing from among the alternative surfacing methods provided for by such standard specifications. The type of street surfacing for all other street construction or resurfacing shall be determined by the City Council.
[Code 1962 §27-10; CC 1979 §26-61]
No formality shall be required to authorize the repairing of any street or other paving, curbing, guttering, macadamizing, or part thereof, or to reconstruct the same, or to levy an assessment therefor.
[Code 1962 §27-11; CC 1979 §26-62]
The Street Superintendent or other officer designated by the City shall, without any notice, cause necessary repair work to be done, keep an account of the cost thereof and report the same to the City Manager.
[Code 1962 §27-12; CC 1979 §26-63]
When the Street Superintendent or other officer has reported to the City Manager the cost of any repair work done on any street or other public way, the City Council may levy a special tax to defray the cost thereof, and each lot or piece of ground abutting on the street or way so repaired shall be liable for its part of the cost of the repair.
[Code 1962 §27-13; CC 1979 §26-64]
In cases of emergency, where life or limb are endangered, or commerce or travel are impeded, the Street Superintendent shall have the authority to make such temporary repairs or erect such barricades as will remove or prevent such danger, and shall report the same promptly to the City Manager.