City of Richmond, MO
Ray County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Power of mayor to issue orders to chief of police and police officers of city, §115.120; chief of police to be ex officio sergeant at arms of city council, §110.080; chief of police to act as city traffic engineer, §305.100; bond of chief of police, §115.030; killing or disabling of a police animal, §210.365.
Article I Chief of Police

Section 200.002 City Marshal/Chief of Police.

Section 200.005 Chief of Police — Residency Requirement.

Section 200.010 Chief of Police Subject to Orders of Mayor Only — Other Members Subject to Orders of Superiors and Mayor.

Section 200.020 Vacancy in Office — Appointment of Chief of Police and/or Assistant Chief of Police.

Section 200.030 Suspension, Demotion, Discharge of Chief of Police, Assistant Chief.

Article II In General

Section 200.040 (Reserved)

Section 200.050 Powers of Police Generally.

Article III Appointments, Promotions and Dismissals

Section 200.060 (Reserved)

Section 200.070 Qualification — Probationary Period.

Section 200.080 Appointment of Regular Patrolmen.

Section 200.090 Oath Required.

Section 200.100 Promotions to Position of Sergeant or Lieutenant.

Section 200.110 Authority of Chief of Police to Demote, Discharge or Suspend Police Officer — Right of Appeal.

Section 200.120 through Section 200.200. (Reserved)

Section 200.210 Appeals of Decisions to City Council.

Section 200.220 Police Training Requirements.

Article IV Auxiliary Police Force

Section 200.230 Established.

Section 200.240 Appointment, Confirmation.

Section 200.250 Compensation.

Section 200.260 Duties — Work Hours.

Section 200.270 Powers.

Section 200.280 Termination of Members.

Article V (Reserved)

Section 200.290 through Section 200.420. (Reserved)

Article VI Police Firing Range

Section 200.430 Summary.

Section 200.440 Purpose.

Section 200.450 Appointment.

Section 200.460 Range Use Exception.

Section 200.470 Range Safety.

Section 200.480 Penalty.

Article VII Unclaimed Property

Section 200.490 Marking and Storage of Property.

Section 200.500 Sale of Property.

Section 200.510 Sale Proceeds.

Section 200.520 Unclaimed Monies.