City of Richmond, MO
Ray County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to prohibited deposits on public property, §215.510; prohibited deposits on private property, §215.520; burning trash, §215.530.
Article I Collection and Disposal — in General

Section 235.010 Definitions.

Section 235.020 Solid Waste Storage Generally — Containers to Be Provided.

Section 235.030 Use and Maintenance of Containers.

Section 235.040 Residential Container Specifications.

Section 235.050 Storage of Tree Limbs, Brush and Yard Wastes.

Section 235.060 Containers Not Approved to Be Collected and Disposed of.

Section 235.070 Placement of Containers for Storage Purposes — Maintenance of Storage Site.

Section 235.080 Collection of Solid Waste Generally — Authority of City to Contract for Collection Service.

Section 235.090 Authority for Collectors to Enter on Private Property.

Section 235.100 Responsibility of Collectors — Spillage or Blowing Litter During Collection Process.

Section 235.110 All Solid Waste to Be Collected by Collection Service — Exception — Ownership Upon Collection.

Section 235.120 Frequency of Collection.

Section 235.130 Collection Points.

Section 235.140 Collection of Bulky Rubbish.

Section 235.150 Transportation of Solid Waste.

Section 235.160 Disposal of Solid Waste.

Section 235.170 Rules and Regulations.

Section 235.180 Service Charges.

Section 235.190 Violations.

Section 235.200 Penalty.

Article II Private Collection and Disposal Services

Section 235.210 Permit Required.

Section 235.220 Public Liability Insurance.

Section 235.230 Application Information.

Section 235.240 Modification of Application — Denial of Permit.

Section 235.250 Permit Issuance — Term, Fees.

Section 235.260 Renewal of Permits — Reapplication Upon Modification of Business — Non-Transferability.

Section 235.270 Display of Permits.

Section 235.280 Enforcement — Authority of Director to Inspect — Notice of Violation.

Section 235.290 Enforcement — Revocation of Permit — Extensions of Time Periods for Compliance.

Section 235.300 Enforcement — Right of Appeal.

Section 235.310 through Section 235.390. (Reserved)

Article III Compost/Brush Sites and Illegal Dumping

Section 235.400 Compost/Brush Site Regulations.

Section 235.410 Illegal Dumping Penalties.