City of Richmond, MO
Ray County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Director of public works, §115.520 et seq.; electricity, §500.140 et seq.; fire prevention and protection, §205.030 et seq.; mobile homes and mobile home parks, §420.010 et seq.; streets and sidewalks, §510.010 et seq.; water and sewers, §700.010 et seq.; subdivisions, ch. 410.
Article I Building Code

Section 500.010 Building Code Adopted.

Section 500.020 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.025 Penalty.

Section 500.026 Cooking Stoves in Business Breakrooms and Lunch Areas.

Section 500.027 Existing Building Code Adopted.

Section 500.028 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.029 Penalty.

Article II Mechanical Code

Section 500.030 Mechanical Code Adopted.

Section 500.040 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.045 Penalty.

Section 500.046 (Reserved)

Article III Plumbing Code

Section 500.050 Plumbing Code Adopted.

Section 500.060 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.063 (Reserved)

Section 500.065 Penalty.

Article IV Fire Code

Section 500.070 Fire Code Adopted.

Section 500.080 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.090 (Reserved)

Section 500.095 Penalty.

Section 500.096 (Reserved)

Article V Fuel Gas Code

Section 500.100 Fuel Gas Code Adopted.

Section 500.110 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.115 Penalty.

Article VI Residential Code for One and Two-Family Dwellings

Section 500.120 Residential Code Adopted.

Section 500.130 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.135 Penalty.

Article VII National Electrical Code

Section 500.140 Electrical Code Adopted.

Section 500.150 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.160 (Reserved)

Article VIII General Building Regulations

Section 500.170 Provisions Not to Lessen Liability of Contractors — Non-Liability of City.

Article IX Permits and Inspections

Section 500.180 Building Permit Fees.

Section 500.190 Fee for Demolition Work.

Section 500.195 Building Permit Renewal Fee.

Section 500.200 Plan Review and Reinspection Fees Plan Review Fee *OTHER Inspections and Fees

Section 500.210 Permits — Term.

Section 500.220 Permits — Transferability — Owner to Apply — Documents Submitted.

Article X Building Codes Board of Appeals

Section 500.230 General.

Section 500.240 Established.

Section 500.250 Powers and Duties.

Section 500.260 Membership.

Section 500.270 Qualifications.

Section 500.280 Alternates.

Section 500.290 Chairman.

Section 500.300 Secretary.

Section 500.310 Compensation.

Section 500.320 Removal From Office/Disqualification of Member.

Section 500.330 Notice of Meeting.

Section 500.340 Open Hearing.

Section 500.350 Postponed Hearing - Quorum.

Section 500.360 Board Decision.

Section 500.370 Court Review.