City of Richmond, MO
Ray County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Director of public works, §115.520 et seq.; open containers of intoxicating liquor prohibited upon any public street, boulevard, avenue, etc., §600.140; farmers' market, §605.220 et seq.; parks and recreation, §240.010 et seq.; subdivisions, ch. 410.
Article I In General

Section 510.010 Stairways, Cellarways, Etc., Not to Be Constructed So as to Obstruct Sidewalks.

Section 510.015 Sight Triangle.

Section 510.016 Replacement Or Installation Of Street, Sidewalk, Alley, Ditch, And Curbs.

Section 510.020 Requirements for Tile and/or Pipe to Be Used Under Driveways and in Ditches, Etc., Over Which Driveways Constructed.

Article II Excavations

Section 510.030 Permit Required — Fee — Time Limit — Work to Be Done.

Section 510.040 Performance Bond Required.

Section 510.050 Persons Desiring to Make Excavations to Notify Director of Public Works.

Section 510.060 Director of Public Works to Determine Feasibility of Excavation — Permit to Be Issued — Conditions of Permit.

Section 510.070 Restoration of Surface.

Section 510.080 Failure to Restore Surface — Work to Be Done by City — Cost to Be Charged Against Bond.

Section 510.090 Installation of Public and Private Utility Lines.

Article III Transportation of Hazardous Wastes

Section 510.100 Definition.

Section 510.110 Company Responsible for Cleaning Up Spills.

Section 510.120 Financial Responsibility.

Section 510.130 Liability.

Section 510.140 Application to Railroad and Air Transportation.

Section 510.150 Payment of Claims.

Section 510.160 Speed Limits.

Section 510.170 through Section 510.190. (Reserved)

Article IV Responsibilities For Maintenance of Alleys

Section 510.200 Definition.

Section 510.210 Maintenance of Alleys.

Section 510.220 Maintenance Decisions.

Section 510.230 Maintenance Level.

Section 510.240 Maintenance Costs.

Section 510.250 Blocking of Alleys.