City of Richmond, MO
Ray County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Dog licenses, §210.250 et seq.; tobacco and tobacco products — license regulations, ch. 615; motor vehicle licenses, §390.180 et seq.
Article I In General

Section 605.010 Manner of Obtaining.

Section 605.015 Electricians Not Required to Obtain License — When.

Article II Merchants

Section 605.020 "Merchant" Defined.

Section 605.030 License Required — Payment of License Tax.

Section 605.040 Exemption From License Tax.

Section 605.050 Required Signatures on License — Seal.

Section 605.060 Term of License — Penalty for Late Payment of Tax.

Section 605.070 Prorating Tax.

Section 605.080 Payment of Tax Prerequisite to Issuance of License.

Section 605.090 Licenses Not to Be Assigned or Transferred.

Section 605.100 License Tax Schedule.

Article III Advertising

Section 605.110 "Billposter" and "Signpainter" Defined.

Section 605.120 Exemptions From Article Provisions.

Section 605.130 Posting on Public Property Prohibited.

Section 605.140 Scattering Advertising Matter on Public Places Prohibited.

Section 605.150 Permission of Private Property Owner Required Prior to Posting Thereon.

Section 605.160 Restrictions on Door-To-Door Distributions of Advertising Matter.

Article IV Automatic Car Washes

Section 605.170 Definition.

Section 605.180 Hours of Operation Generally.

Section 605.190 Restricted Hours of Use Not Applicable to Business Obtaining Consent of Surrounding Property Owners.

Article V Junk Yards

Section 605.200 When Consent of Surrounding Property Owners Is Required.

Section 605.210 When Screening or Fencing Is Required.

Article VI Farmers' Market

Section 605.220 Authorization of Establishment and Licensing Procedures.

Section 605.230 Purpose.

Section 605.240 License Required.

Section 605.250 Regulations.

Section 605.260 Enforcement.

Article VII Pawnshops

Section 605.270 Definitions.

Section 605.280 Licensing Procedure.

Section 605.290 Reporting Requirements.

Section 605.300 Violations and Penalty.

Article VIII Carnivals, Circuses, Rodeos, Side Shows and Other Events

Section 605.310 Definitions.

Section 605.320 Permit Required.

Section 605.330 Sponsoring.

Section 605.340 90-Day Notice.

Section 605.350 Application for Permit.

Section 605.360 Permit Revoked.

Section 605.370 Rules to Comply With.

Section 605.380 Penalty.

Article IX Garage Sales

Section 605.390 General Provisions.