City of Richmond, MO
Ray County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 700.010 Waterworks and Sewerage System Combined.

Article II Rates and Meters

Section 700.020 Water Meter Required.

Section 700.025 Secondary Water Meter.

Section 700.030 Meters to Be Furnished by City — Paid for by Consumer — Schedule of Prices.

Section 700.040 When Meter Is Defective.

Section 700.050 Location of Meters.

Section 700.060 Right of Entry for Purpose of Testing and Reading Meters.

Section 700.070 Deposit Required — Owner and Non-Owner of Property.

Section 700.080 (Reserved)

Section 700.090 Water Rates for Users Within City Limits Generally.

Section 700.100 Sewer Rates — Inside or Outside City Limits.

Section 700.105 Sewer Rates for Secondary Water Meters.

Section 700.110 Rates for Water Supplied to Party Outside City.

Section 700.120 Water Rates for Multiple Dwellings and Mobile Home Units.

Section 700.130 Progressive Turn-On Fees.

Section 700.140 Water May Be Shut Off for Non-Payment of Bills — Reinstatement.

Section 700.150 Rebates, Adjustments, Payments of Disputed Water/Sewer Bills.

Section 700.155 Sewer Charge Adjustment for Sewer Customers Living in Individually Metered Units.

Section 700.160 Special Sewer Rates and Contracts for Commercial and Industrial Users Authorized.

Section 700.170 Free Sewerage Services Not to Be Furnished.

Section 700.180 When Water and Sewer Bills Are to Be Prepared, Rendered — When Due — Where Payable.

Section 700.190 Penalty for Late Payment.

Section 700.200 Disconnection for Non-Payment — Charges for Disconnection and Reconnection.

Section 700.210 Liability for Payment of Bills Upon Sale and Rental of Property.

Article III Service Outside of City

Section 700.220 Water Lines Subject to City Specifications — Installation to Be at Owner's Expense.

Section 700.230 Owners of Private Lines to Agree That Ownership Shall Vest in City Upon Annexation — Compensation of Owner.

Section 700.240 Water to Be Measured Through Meters Owned and Maintained by City.

Section 700.250 When Water Is Used by Multiple Consumers From One Connection, City to Deal With Only One Consumer.

Section 700.260 Limit on Number of Taps on Private Water Line — Sworn Statement Required — Deposit.

Section 700.270 Deduction of Bills From Cash Deposit Upon Failure to Pay Bill — Disconnection — Fee for Reconnection.

Section 700.280 Right of Entry of City Officials for Inspection Purposes — Discontinuance of Service for Violation and Repairs — Limiting Use of Water.

Section 700.290 Tampering With Compound Water Meters, Valves and Connections.

Section 700.300 Private Fire Connections.

Article IV Regulations Concerning Use of Public Water System

Section 700.310 Definitions.

Section 700.320 All Properties to Be Connected.

Section 700.330 Privately Owned Public Water System — Written Permit.

Section 700.340 General Regulations and Prohibitions.

Section 700.350 Unauthorized Person Not to Tamper With Equipment, Etc.

Section 700.360 Entry on Property.

Section 700.370 Violations and Penalties.