City of Truesdale, MO
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Operator's Licenses

Section 380.010 Driving While License Suspended or Revoked.

Section 380.020 Operation of Motor Vehicle Without Proper License Prohibited — Motorcycles — Special License.

Section 380.030 Prohibited Uses of License.

Article II Vehicle Licensing

Section 380.040 State Vehicle License Plates Required.

Section 380.050 Registration of Motor Vehicles Operated for First Time in State.

Section 380.060 Method of Displaying License Plates.

Section 380.070 Unauthorized Plates, Tags, Stickers, Signs.

Section 380.080 License Plates on Vehicles Displayed for Sale.

Section 380.090 Certificate of Ownership Required for Registered Vehicle.

Section 380.100 Transfer of Certificate of Ownership Upon Sale of Vehicle.

Section 380.110 Removal of Plates on Transfer of Vehicle — Use by Purchaser.

Section 380.120 Sale by Dealer.

Section 380.130 False Information by Dealer.

Article III Financial Responsibility

Section 380.140 Financial Responsibility Required.

Section 380.150 Display of False Evidence of Insurance — Penalty — Confiscation of False Evidence.

Section 380.160 Alteration, Production or Sale of Invalid Insurance Card.

Article IV Additional Provisions

Section 380.170 Application for Registration of Motor Vehicles, Contents — Certain Vehicles, Special Provisions — Penalty for Failure to Comply — Optional Blindness Assistance Donation — Donation to Organ Donor Program Permitted.

Section 380.180 Motor Vehicles, Inspection Required, Exceptions — Authorization to Operate Inspection Station for Inspection Authorized.

Section 380.190 Fraudulent Procurement, Use or Certification of Disabled Person License Plates — Penalty — Health Care Practitioners, False Physician's Statement, Penalty.

Section 380.200 Definitions — Plates for Disabled and Placard for Windshield, Issued When — Physician Statements, Requirements — Death of Disabled Person, Effect — Lost or Stolen Placard, Replacement of, Fee — Recertification and Review by Director, When — Penalties for Certain Fraudulent Acts.

Section 380.210 Commercial Vehicles Licensed for 36,000 Pounds or Less, Information Displayed on — Exception.

Section 380.220 School Bus Endorsement, Qualifications — Grounds for Refusal to Issue or Renew Endorsement — Rulemaking Authority — Reciprocity.

Section 380.230 Suspension of School Bus Permit, When, Penalty for Non-Compliance by Driver With Suspended Permit.

Section 380.240 Driving Without Commercial Driver's License, Penalty.

Section 380.250 Motor Vehicles, Biennial Inspection Required, Exceptions — Authorization to Operate Inspection Station for Inspection Authorized — Violation, Penalty.