City of Truesdale, MO
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Water Department

Section 705.010 Creation of Water Department.

Section 705.015 Obtaining Water From the City of Truesdale.

Section 705.020 Superintendent of Water Department.

Section 705.030 Authority to Construct and Operate Water Systems.

Section 705.040 Money Safeguards.

Section 705.050 Power and Authority of the Board of Aldermen.

Section 705.060 Connection or Discontinuance Application.

Section 705.065 Water Deposit.

Section 705.070 Lien Against Property for Unpaid Bill.

Section 705.080 Charges for Connections Made Without Permit.

Section 705.085 Excavation and/or Tapping Into City Water Lines on Weekends and Holidays.

Section 705.090 Abandoned and Non-Revenue Producing Services.

Section 705.100 Water Charged to User.

Section 705.110 Application Fee for Connection.

Section 705.120 Financial Responsibility for Connection.

Section 705.130 Responsibility of City.

Section 705.140 Location of Meter, Unlawful Connection.

Section 705.150 Meters.

Section 705.152 Care of Meters and Meter Pits.

Section 705.155 Water Meter Testing.

Section 705.160 Installation and Specifications of the Service Pipe.

Section 705.165 Curb Stops Within the City of Truesdale.

Section 705.170 Repair and Protection of Water Pipe.

Section 705.180 Use of Private Water and City Water.

Section 705.190 Access to Premises for Inspection.

Section 705.200 Use of Fire Hydrants.

Section 705.210 Sale of Water Outside of the City.

Section 705.220 Privately Owned Meters — Installation and Repair.

Section 705.230 Damages to City-Owned Meters.

Section 705.235 Water Meter Utility Fund.

Section 705.240 Charges for Water Service.

Section 705.250 Two or More Tenants.

Section 705.255 Responsible for Delinquent Water Bills.

Section 705.260 Missouri Primacy Fee Collected Once Annually.

Article II Source Water Protection

Section 705.270 Short Title and Purpose.

Section 705.280 Definitions.

Section 705.290 Establishment of Source Water Protection Zone.

Section 705.300 Permitted Uses.

Section 705.310 Prohibited Uses.

Section 705.320 Administration.

Section 705.330 Wellhead Protection Plan.

Article III Cross-Connection Control/Backflow

Section 705.340 General Policy.

Section 705.350 Definitions.

Section 705.360 Cross-Connections Prohibited.

Section 705.370 Survey and Investigations.

Section 705.380 Type of Protection Required.

Section 705.390 Where Protection Is Required.

Section 705.400 Backflow Prevention Assemblies.

Section 705.410 Installation.

Section 705.420 Inspection and Maintenance.

Section 705.430 Violations.

Article IV Water Shortage Emergency

Section 705.440 Proclamations of Emergency.

Section 705.450 Forms of Emergency Proclamations.

Section 705.460 Notice.

Section 705.470 Effective Dates of Proclamations.

Section 705.480 Application of Restrictions on Persons, Firms, Corporations and Institutions.

Section 705.490 Certain Uses May Be Prohibited.

Section 705.500 Exception for Businesses Necessary to Public Welfare.

Section 705.510 Residential Use of Water.