Town of Mansfield, MA
Bristol County
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Any building, other than a residential building of fewer than six units, that has a fire alarm system, sprinkler system or other fire protection devices installed shall provide a secured key box installed in a location accessible to the Fire Department in case of emergency. This key box shall contain entry keys, keys to fire alarm control panels and other keys necessary to operate or service fire protection systems and devices.
Any property required by Subsection A that is protected by a gated fence shall install a padlock on the gate which is keyed with the same key used to open the lock boxes described above.
These key boxes and padlocks shall be a type approved by the Fire Chief and shall be located and installed as approved by the Fire Chief or their designee.
This bylaw shall be retroactive to all such buildings within the Town of Mansfield. Existing buildings shall have six months to comply with this bylaw after receiving due notice from the Fire Department. In the case of new construction, such key boxes, padlocks and keys shall be provided prior to occupancy and/or final inspections.
Cabinet-style vaults for hazardous materials information, material safety data sheets, site plans, floor plans and other pertinent building information shall be used when the property has hazardous material on site or in the building or as otherwise determined by the Chief of the Fire Department or their designee.
The owner or occupant is responsible for the ordering and installation of said equipment by picking up an approved order form from the Fire Department.
The secured access system and cabinet-style vault shall have a single lock and may be tied into an alarm system by means of a switch to indicate that an entry has been made. If the building is protected by a burglar system, this alarm switch may be connected so that if the box is opened or removed from the building, an alarm will sound.
Any building owner violating this bylaw, after receiving due notice from the Fire Department, shall be subject to a fine of $50 per week.