City of Vinita Park, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 605.001 Intent of Provisions.

Section 605.005 Permitted and Prohibited Businesses.

Section 605.010 License Required.

Section 605.020 Rules, Regulations and Application Forms.

Section 605.025 Rejection of Application — Appeals.

Section 605.027 Report of Sales or Gross Receipts.

Section 605.030 Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Section 605.040 Schedule of License Fees.

Section 605.050 Time for Assessment — Payment of License Fees.

Section 605.060 License Not Transferable.

Section 605.070 Display of License.

Section 605.080 Persons Not to Be Charged for Business License.

Section 605.090 Suspension or Revocation of License.

Article II Merchants

Section 605.100 Definitions.

Section 605.110 License Required.

Section 605.120 Application for License — False Statements.

Section 605.130 Statement of Sales and Gross Receipts.

Section 605.140 License Fee and Renewals.

Section 605.150 Delinquent Payments.

Section 605.160 Non-Transferability of License.

Section 605.170 Accounts and Records Maintained.

Article III Manufacturers

Section 605.180 Definition.

Section 605.190 License Required.

Section 605.200 Statement of Manufacturer Required.

Section 605.210 License Fee and Taxes.

Section 605.220 Term of License — Fees Prorated — Separate Licenses Required.

Section 605.230 Non-Transferability of License.

Section 605.240 Accounts and Records Maintained.

Article IV Miscellaneous Business Regulations

Section 605.250 Laundromats — Hours of Operation.

Section 605.260 Outdoor Special Events.

Section 605.270 Garage and Estate Sales.