Village of Indian Point, MO
Stone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 410.010 Short Title.

Section 410.020 Authority and Purpose.

Section 410.030 Jurisdiction.

Section 410.040 Effective Date.

Section 410.050 Procedures for Amendment.

Section 410.060 Fees.

Section 410.070 Burden of Proof.

Section 410.080 Interpretation, Conflict and Separability.

Section 410.090 General Regulations.

Section 410.100 Vacation of Plats.

Article II Terminology

Section 410.110 Word Usage.

Section 410.120 Definitions.

Article III Administration

Section 410.130 Power and Duties of Planning and Zoning Commission.

Section 410.140 Power and Duties of Board of Trustees.

Section 410.150 Variances.

Article IV Subdivision Procedure

Section 410.160 Purpose.

Section 410.170 Submission of Sketch Plan.

Section 410.180 Submission of Preliminary Plat.

Section 410.190 Commission Action on Preliminary Plat.

Section 410.200 Public Notice Required.

Section 410.210 Board of Trustees Action on Preliminary Plat.

Section 410.220 Effective Period of Preliminary Plat Approval.

Section 410.230 Submission and Approval of Final Plat.

Section 410.240 Uniform Condominium Act — Subdivision Procedures.

Section 410.250 Minor Subdivision Procedure and Approval.

Section 410.260 Acceptance of Dedication Offers.

Article V Plats and Required Information

Section 410.270 General.

Section 410.280 Sketch Plans.

Section 410.290 Preliminary Plats.

Section 410.300 Final Plats.

Section 410.310 Certificates of Approval for Major Subdivision Plats.

Section 410.320 Certificates of Approval for Minor Subdivision Plats.

Section 410.330 Planned Unit Developments.

Section 410.340 Required Engineering Report.

Section 410.350 Required Construction Plans.

Article VI Required Public Improvements

Section 410.360 General Requirements.

Section 410.370 Assurances for Completion of Improvements.

Section 410.380 Protection Against Defects.

Section 410.390 Monuments and Markers.

Section 410.400 Street General Requirements.

Section 410.410 Street Right-of-Way and Pavement Requirements.

Section 410.420 Street Intersections.

Section 410.430 Street Construction Standards and Specifications.

Section 410.440 Private Streets.

Section 410.450 Street Names and Numbers.

Section 410.460 Street Signs.

Section 410.470 Disabled Access.

Section 410.480 Blocks.

Section 410.490 Lots – General.

Section 410.500 Minimum Lot Size and Width.

Section 410.510 Building Setback Requirements.

Section 410.520 Sidewalks.

Section 410.530 Utilities.

Section 410.540 Lighting.

Section 410.550 Easements.

Section 410.560 Wastewater Disposal.

Section 410.570 Water Supply.

Section 410.580 Storm Drainage.

Section 410.590 Sedimentation and Erosion Control.

Article VII Enforcement and Penalties

Section 410.600 Persons Liable.

Section 410.610 Violations and Penalties.

Section 410.620 Civil Enforcement.