Township of Lower Southampton, PA
Bucks County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 314, 9/8/1980, § 1]
The office of Township Manager is hereby created.
[Ord. 314, 9/8/1980, § 2]
The Board of Supervisors by affirmative vote of a majority of the entire Board shall, from time to time and whenever there is a vacancy, appoint one person to fill said office, who shall serve until a successor is appointed and qualified. In case of illness or the absence of the Manager from the Township, the Board of Supervisors shall delegate one qualified member of the Township staff who shall perform the duties of the Manager during his absence or disability.
[Ord. 314, 9/8/1980, § 3]
The Township Manager shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors and may be removed at any time by an affirmative vote of a majority of the entire Board of Supervisors. At least 30 days before such removal is to become effective, the Board of Supervisors shall furnish the Township Manager with a written statement setting forth its intention of removal.
[Ord. 314, 9/8/1980, § 4]
Before entering upon his duties, the Township Manager shall give a bond to the Township with a bonding company as surety to be approved by the Board of Supervisors, in such amount as the Board shall direct, conditioned upon the faithful performance of his duties; the premium for said bond to be paid by the Township.
[Ord. 314, 9/8/1980, § 5]
The compensation of the Township Manager shall be set by resolution by the Supervisors. The Township Manager shall receive such vacation with pay as shall be fixed from time to time by the Board of Supervisors.
[Ord. 314, 9/8/1980, § 6; as amended by Ord. 385, 6/27/1990, § 3]
The Township Manager shall be chosen solely on the basis of his executive and administrative qualifications, with special reference to training and/or experience in municipal management.
The Township Manager need not be a resident of the Township.
No Township Supervisor shall be appointed to the office of Township Manager during the term for which he or she was elected or appointed Supervisor.
The Township Manager shall have no personal interest, direct or indirect, in contracts with the Township.
[Ord. 314, 9/8/1980, § 7]
The Township Manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the Township and shall:
Be responsible to the Supervisors for carrying out all policies and programs established and delegated to him by the Supervisors.
Make such recommendations to the Supervisors concerning policy formulation as he deems desirable.
Keep the Supervisors and the public informed as to the conduct of Township affairs.
See that all laws and ordinances are duly enforced.
Prepare the agenda along with the Chairman.
Attend all meetings of the Supervisors with the right to take part in discussion but not to vote.
See that the provisions of all franchises, leases, permits and privileges granted by the Township are observed.
Employ, by and with the approval of the Supervisors, experts and consultants to perform work and to advise in connection with any of the functions of the Township.
Negotiate and sign contracts for the Township subject to the approval and signature of the Supervisors.
Issue such administrative and personnel rules and regulations not in conflict with existing statutes or ordinances to properly carry out the duties contained in this subpart. Such rules and regulations are to be subject to revocation, revision and/or modification by the Supervisors, by majority vote of all members of the Board of Supervisors.
Submit to the Supervisors, as soon as possible after the close of the fiscal year, a complete report for the preceding year on the administrative activities of the Township which are within the duties of the Township Manager.
Cooperate with the Supervisors at all times and in all matters that the best interest of the Township and of the general public may be maintained.
Handle all complaints regarding service or personnel under the jurisdiction of the Manager and investigate and make a report thereon to the Supervisors.
Perform such other duties and fill such other offices as may be required by the Supervisors and not contrary to law.
[Ord. 503, 6/8/2005, § 1]
The locally elected Tax Collector for Lower Southampton Township is the municipal officer authorized to provide tax certifications upon request by the public.
[Ord. 503, 6/8/2005, § 1]
The locally elected Tax Collector is authorized to assess, collect and retain, as compensation for additional services, fees to be set by the Board of Supervisors by resolution from time to time for:
Providing tax certifications.
Duplicate copies of tax bills to parties other than the property owner.
Checks in payment of taxes by the Tax Collector's depository institution for reasons including, but not limited to, "funds," "unavailable funds" or "account closed."