City of Laurie, MO
Morgan County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 410.010 Jurisdiction.

Section 410.015 Purpose of Subdivision Regulations.

Section 410.020 Definitions.

Section 410.030 Compliance.

Section 410.040 Recording.

Section 410.050 Approval.

Section 410.060 Prepared by Professional Land Surveyor.

Section 410.070 Subdivision and Sale of All or Part Thereof.

Section 410.080 Fees and Deposits.

Article II Procedure

Section 410.090 Procedure.

Section 410.100 Pre-Application Proceeding — Planning and Zoning Commission Representative.

Section 410.110 Preliminary Plat.

Section 410.120 Checking and Reviewing.

Section 410.130 Final Plat.

Section 410.140 Approval, Disapproval or Modification by Planning and Zoning Commission.

Section 410.150 Appeal.

Article III Preliminary Plat Requirements

Section 410.160 Number of Copies and Required Scale.

Section 410.170 Vicinity Sketch.

Section 410.180 Required Information on Plat.

Article IV Final Plat

Section 410.190 Final Plat Requirements.

Section 410.200 Number of Copies and Required Scale.

Section 410.210 Bearings — Distances.

Section 410.220 Monuments.

Section 410.230 Lots and Block Numbers.

Section 410.240 Dedicated Property.

Section 410.250 Surveyor's Certificate.

Section 410.260 Tax Paid Certificate.

Article V Modification and Exceptions

Section 410.270 Lot Splits.

Section 410.280 Modification — Undue Hardship.

Article VI Subdivision Design Standards and Requirements

Section 410.290 Physical Problem Areas.

Section 410.300 Comprehensive Plan — Compliance.

Section 410.310 The Street and Block Layout.

Section 410.320 Street Right-of-Way Requirements and Utility Easements.

Section 410.330 Minimum Pavement and Sidewalk Widths.

Section 410.340 Street Grades and Curves.

Section 410.350 Lot Dimensions, Shapes and Position.

Article VII Improvements Installation Requirements

Section 410.360 Improvements Installed — How.

Section 410.370 Performance Bond.

Section 410.380 Street Construction.

Section 410.390 Water Supply.

Section 410.400 Storm Drainage.

Section 410.410 Sewerage.

Section 410.420 Street Lighting — Street Name Signs.

Section 410.430 Electric and Telephone Lines.

Section 410.440 Monuments Construction.

Section 410.450 Construction Plans.

Section 410.460 Inspection.

Section 410.470 Completion of Construction.

Section 410.480 Maintenance After Approval.

Section 410.490 Modifications.