City of East Orange, NJ
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of East Orange as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Administrative organization, generally — See Ch. 5.
Defense and indemnification — See Ch. 23.
Department of Public Safety — See Ch. 25.
Public emergencies — See Ch. 28.
Housing Authority — See Ch. 40.
Alcoholic beverages — See Ch. 100.
Article I Insurance Advisory Committee

§ 14A-1 Committee established.

§ 14A-2 Membership; appointments and term of office.

§ 14A-3 Organization.

§ 14A-4 Secretary.

§ 14A-5 Duties.

§ 14A-6 Conflicts of interest.

Article II Board of Health

§ 14A-7 Board established; membership; appointment.

§ 14A-8 Terms of office.

§ 14A-9 Powers and duties.

§ 14A-10 Appointment of Plumbing Inspectors.

§ 14A-11 Fees for services performed.

Article III Board of Alcoholic Beverage Control

§ 14A-12 Board established.

§ 14A-13 Membership; appointment.

§ 14A-14 Operation in accordance with state law.

Article IV Division of Fire

§ 14A-15 through § 14A-16. (Reserved)

§ 14A-17 Abolishment of Board of Fire Commissioners.

§ 14A-18 through § 14A-23. (Reserved)

§ 14A-23.1 Creation of Division of Fire; Fire Chief in charge.

§ 14A-23.2 Powers and duties of Fire Chief.

§ 14A-23.3 Responsibilities of the Division of Fire.

Article V Board of Water Commissioners

§ 14A-24 Board established; membership.

§ 14A-25 Terms of office of members.

Article VI Board of Education

§ 14A-26 Composition; appointment.

§ 14A-27 Terms of office.

§ 14A-28 Powers and duties.

Article VII Real Estate Commission

§ 14A-29 Commission established; purpose.

§ 14A-30 Composition of Commission.

§ 14A-31 Service without compensation.

§ 14A-32 Chairman; organization; meetings.

§ 14A-33 Cooperation of other departments and agencies.

§ 14A-34 Powers and functions advisory in nature.

§ 14A-35 Quorum; voting by proxy.

Article VIII Personnel Committee

§ 14A-36 Establishment; composition.

§ 14A-37 Officers; meetings.

§ 14A-38 Duties.

Article IX Arts and Cultural Commission

§ 14A-39 Commission established.

§ 14A-40 Membership; liaison; compensation.

§ 14A-41 Appointment and terms of members.

§ 14A-42 Organization.

§ 14A-43 Duties.

§ 14A-44 Definitions.

§ 14A-45 Powers.

§ 14A-46 Reports.

Article X Division of Police

§ 14A-47 through § 14A-48. (Reserved)

§ 14A-49 Abolishment of Board of Police Commissioners.

§ 14A-50 through § 14A-53. (Reserved)

§ 14A-53.1 Creation of Division of Police; Chief of Police in charge; Duties of Chief of Police.

Article XI Citizens Advisory Committee to Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs

§ 14A-54 Membership; appointment; term of office.

§ 14A-55 Duties.

Article XII Youth Advisory Council

§ 14A-56 Council established.

§ 14A-57 Purpose.

§ 14A-58 Membership; term of office; filling of vacancies.

§ 14A-59 Officers; procedures, technical assistance.

§ 14A-60 Duties and responsibilities.

Article XIII Municipal Recreation and Open Space Advisory Board

§ 14A-61 Purpose.

§ 14A-62 Advisory Board established.

§ 14A-63 Terms.

§ 14A-64 Powers and duties.

§ 14A-65 Compensation; recreation.

§ 14A-66 Administration.

Article XIV Insurance Fund Commission

§ 14A-67 Findings and purpose.

§ 14A-68 Definitions.

§ 14A-69 Commission created; membership.

§ 14A-70 Appointment of Commissioners; terms; vacancies; compensation.

§ 14A-71 Establishment of fund; purposes.

§ 14A-72 Secretary; broker, TPA.

§ 14A-73 Chairperson and organization.

§ 14A-74 Powers and authority of Commissioners.

§ 14A-75 Fund requirements; administration of claims and payments.

§ 14A-76 Fund requirements; additional and excess coverage.

Article XV Committee on the Status of Men

§ 14A-77 Committee established.

§ 14A-78 Membership; appointments and term of office.

§ 14A-79 Organization.

§ 14A-80 Duties.