City of Bowling Green, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note — Ordinance no. 1030 adopted "Classification, Job Evaluation, Pay Plans and the Performance Evaluation System" which are on file in the City offices.
Article I General Provisions

Section 130.010 Purpose of Chapter.

Section 130.020 Positions Covered by the Chapter.

Section 130.030 Administration of the Chapter.

Section 130.040 Departmental Policies and Procedures.

Section 130.050 Chapter Not an Offer of Employment or Contract.

Article II Employees' Code of Ethics

Section 130.060 Statement of Code.

Article III Definitions of Terms

Section 130.070 Definitions.

Article IV Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Section 130.080 Statement of Policy.

Section 130.090 Application of Policy.

Article V Sexual Harassment Policy

Section 130.100 Statement of Policy.

Section 130.110 Sexual Harassment Defined.

Section 130.120 Complaint and Investigation.

Article VI Management Rights

Section 130.130 Statement of Management Rights.

Article VII Recruitment, Selection and Appointment

Section 130.140 Policy Statement.

Section 130.150 Hiring Procedures.

Section 130.160 Determination of Vacancy.

Section 130.170 Recruitment.

Section 130.180 Selection Processes.

Section 130.190 Promotion Selection Procedures.

Section 130.200 Appointment and Notification of Hiring.

Section 130.210 Appointment Authority.

Section 130.220 Residency.

Article VIII Probationary Period

Section 130.230 Purpose.

Section 130.240 Duration.

Section 130.250 Termination During Probationary Period.

Section 130.260 Benefits During Probation.

Article IX Position Classification Plan

Section 130.270 Statement of Purpose.

Section 130.280 Classification Plan Description.

Section 130.290 Adoption and Maintenance of the Plan.

Section 130.300 Appeal of Classification Assignment.

Article X Pay Plan

Section 130.310 Authority to Establish Salaries.

Section 130.320 through Section 130.350. (Reserved)

Section 130.360 Total Remuneration.

Section 130.370 Dual Employment Prohibited.

Section 130.380 through Section 130.400. (Reserved)

Section 130.410 Temporary Assignment to Higher Level Position.

Section 130.420 Overtime and Compensatory Time.

Article XI Performance Evaluation Plan

Section 130.430 Purpose of Plan.

Section 130.440 Administration of the Plan.

Article XII Hours of Work

Section 130.450 Workweek.

Section 130.460 Workday.

Section 130.470 Lunch Break.

Section 130.480 Rest Periods.

Section 130.490 Training Time.

Section 130.500 Attendance.

Article XIII Holidays

Section 130.510 City Employees.

Article XIV Vacations

Section 130.520 Vacations.

Article XV Sick Leave

Section 130.530 Sick Leave.

Article XVI Family and Medical Leave

Section 130.540 Terms and Conditions.

Article XVII Other Leaves

Section 130.550 Funeral Leave — City Employees.

Section 130.560 Military Leave.

Section 130.570 Jury Duty.

Section 130.580 Court Attendance.

Section 130.590 Responses as Volunteer Firefighter.

Section 130.600 Education Leave and Costs.

Section 130.610 Maternity Leave.

Section 130.620 Leave of Absence Without Pay.

Section 130.630 Administrative Leave.

Section 130.640 Absence Without Leave.

Article XVIII Insurance and Pension

Section 130.650 Health and Dental Insurance.

Section 130.660 Life Insurance.

Section 130.670 Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS).

Article XIX Employee Conduct and Relations

Section 130.680 Employee Conduct.

Section 130.690 Relatives in the City Service.

Section 130.700 Political Activities.

Section 130.710 Records.

Section 130.720 Conflict of Interest.

Section 130.730 Use of Employee's Property.

Section 130.740 Use of City Tools and Equipment.

Section 130.750 Personal Telephone Calls.

Section 130.760 Safety.

Section 130.770 Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing Policy.

Section 130.780 Mandatory Seat Belt and Occupant Protection Policy.

Article XX Disciplinary Procedures

Section 130.790 Cause for Disciplinary Action.

Section 130.800 Disciplinary Action.

Section 130.810 Suspension, Demotion or Termination of Employees.

Article XXI Grievance Procedure

Section 130.820 Grievance Policy.

Article XXII Training and Travel

Section 130.830 General Policy.

Section 130.840 Schools, Seminars and Conferences.

Section 130.850 Travel Expense Reimbursement.

Article XXIII Separation

Section 130.860 Resignation.

Section 130.870 Retirement.

Section 130.880 Discharge.

Section 130.890 Layoff.

Section 130.900 Return of City Property.