City of Bowling Green, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1996 §130.530; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997; Ord. No. 1341 I, 3-17-2003]
All full-time City employees shall earn sick leave with full pay at the rate of ten (10) workdays for each calendar year of service. Sick leave shall accrue from the date of employment, but shall not be taken until the successful completion of the six (6) month probationary period except with the written permission of the City Administrator. Sick leave may never be taken in advance of earning the time. Sick leave may be accumulated up to forty-five (45) days.
An employee may be eligible for sick leave for the following reasons:
Personal illness or physical incapacity.
Quarantine of an employee by a physician.
Care of immediate family, i.e., spouse and children.
An employee who is unable to report for work because of one (1) of the above reasons shall report the reason of his/her absence to his/her supervisor as soon as the employee determines he/she cannot report for work or at least one (1) hour before the time to report to work. Sick leave with pay shall not be granted unless such report has been timely made. Documentation shall be required of the employee before any sick leave will be granted or payment made.
[Ord. No. 1807 §§I — II, 8-15-2016]
An employee will be allowed, after January first of the year following completion of at least one (1) year full-time employment with the City, to use a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours accumulated sick leave per year for personal leave. The use of these personal hours will be deducted from the accumulated sick leave. This leave must be pre-scheduled with supervisor prior to use.
[Ord. No. 1793 §II, 11-16-2015]
An employee terminating from City service shall not be allowed the use of sick leave in the last two (2) calendar weeks of employment. Unused sick leave will not be compensated for in any way at the time of resignation or dismissal of an employee.
Abuse of the sick leave privilege can result in dismissal.
No employee shall be compensated both by Workers' Compensation benefits and sick leave under this Chapter. The sick leave pay to be paid by the City to any employee for days which such employee is also compensated by Workers' Compensation benefits shall be reduced by the amount of such Workers' Compensation benefits so that the employee will receive from the Workers' Compensation insurance carrier and the City a total amount which is no more than such employee's full pay for such day. Every employee shall advise the City Administrator at the time of requesting sick leave pay as to whether or not such day was occasioned as a result of a Workers' Compensation injury, in which case the sick pay to be paid by the City shall only be the amount which shall equal such employee's full pay less Workers' Compensation benefits to which he/she will be entitled. This provision shall not expand or increase in any way the number of days of sick pay to which any employee is entitled and payment of any portion of such employee's pay as provided herein shall be considered one (1) day of sick leave.