City of Bowling Green, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1996 §130.550; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997; Ord. No. 1522 §§I — II, 5-15-2006]
Employees may be granted three (3) working days leave as needed in the event of a death of an immediate family member. "Immediate family" shall be defined as including the following: spouse, child, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchild, brother, sister, parent, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, grandparent, stepmother, stepfather, stepchildren, stepbrother, stepsister or stepgrandparent of the employee. Such leave shall not be deducted from either sick leave or vacation leave. An employee will be compensated for the funeral leave.
[CC 1996 §130.560; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997]
Employees may receive a leave of absence not to exceed one hundred twenty (120) hours annually for participation in annual training in the National Guard or Reserve Armed Forces. Requests for such leave must be accompanied by a copy of official orders requiring such training. Compensation for this period of military leave shall be limited to the amount by which the normal City pay exceeds the military pay received. A copy of the military pay voucher shall be submitted prior to authorization of payment to the employee for the period of leave. Such military training leaves shall not be deducted from annual leave.
Any regular, full-time employee who is drafted into the military service shall, upon termination of his/her active service, be entitled to return to the City service at a level equivalent to the position held on his/her departure. This leave of absence shall not exceed the period of time necessary to complete the period of active duty that he/she has been involuntarily ordered to perform.
All employees of the City, other than temporary or part-time employees, who are members of the National Guard, organized reserves or any component of the military forces of Missouri or the United States or who may be otherwise inducted into the military service of Missouri or of the United States shall, when ordered by proper authority to active State or Federal service, be entitled to leave of absence, without pay, from employment for the period of such acting State or Federal service without interruption in service or loss of seniority.
Benefits shall not accumulate during such period of service, except for the one hundred twenty (120) hour periods as provided in Subsection (A) above.
Employees returning from military service must report to work at the City within the time prescribed in the "Veteran's Reemployment Rights Act", 43 USC, Section 2021, et seq., currently ninety (90) days, or, if hospitalized as a result of military service, one (1) year; or they shall be deemed to have resigned.
[CC 1996 §130.570; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997]
Employees may be granted leave with pay, when required to be absent from work for jury duty; providing however, that compensation received for such jury duty during the time the employee would normally be working for the City shall be turned over to the City Collector in order for the employee to draw his/her regular pay for that period. The compensation turned over to the City shall not be required to included payment for mileage reimbursement.
[CC 1996 §130.580; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997]
Employees may be granted leave, with pay, for attending court as a subpoenaed witness, except in cased involving a criminal act by the employee or a civil case initiated by the employee. Employees subpoenaed to appear in court shall be paid in full but will turn in to the City the amount paid to the employee as a witness fee.
[CC 1996 §130.590; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997; Ord. No. 1749 §§I, II, 3-17-2014]
All employees of the City are allowed to participate as members of the Volunteer Fire Department upon approval of the City Administrator, in writing, in consultation with the employee's department head and Fire Chief. City employees who are called away from their regular City service to respond to duty as a volunteer firefighter shall be paid at their regular rate of compensation for such absence.
[CC 1996 §130.600; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997]
The Board may authorize special leaves of absence, with or without pay, for any period not to exceed six (6) calendar months in any one (1) calendar year for attendance at a school or university for the purpose of training in subjects relating to the work of the employee and which will benefit the employee and the City service. The City may share in up to one hundred percent (100%) of the tuition costs if the course is completed successfully. However, if the City shares in the costs, the employee must remain in the City service for one (1) month for each hour of course credit, after completion of the course. If the employee fails in this obligation, the City's portion of the tuition will be deducted from the employee's last paycheck. In the event that the course is not based on credit hours, the employee's required length of stay after completion of the course should be determined by the employee and the City Administrator before the course begins.
[CC 1996 §130.610; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997; Ord. No. 1260 §I, 1-21-2002]
Because of the birth of a child and in order to care for such child, an employee will be granted up to six (6) weeks of maternity leave without pay. During maternity leave under this Section, the employee will continue to participate in the City's health insurance coverage with the same cost-sharing of premiums as a regular employee. They will also continue to accrue other benefits during maternity leave.
Providing maternity leave under this Section does not negate the employee's right to unpaid leave time set forth in Article XVI, Family and Medical Leave. Also, maternity leave under this Section does not negate the employee's option to request an unpaid leave of absence under Section 130.620 Leave of Absence Without Pay.
[CC 1996 §130.620; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997]
An employee may ask for a leave of absence without pay for good cause. The City Administrator will consider each request for leave on its own merit and recommend to the Board whether or not the leave shall be granted. The written order of the Board is necessary for such leave. If the leave of absence without pay request is for medical reasons, including maternity and paternity leave, the following procedure will be used.
All sick leave will be used.
All vacation time will be used. (During these first two (2) steps, all City benefits will continue.)
Additional time of up to six (6) months may be granted without pay or benefits except retention of seniority.
During step 3, employees, at their own discretion, may pay their own group medical coverage expenses. Under no circumstances will the cumulative total of steps 1, 2 and 3 total more than six (6) continuous months off.
If the leave request is for non-medical reasons, the above provisions will apply with the exclusion of step 1.
If the leave is for medical reasons, the City retains the right to request periodic medical reports from the doctor. If the doctor's reports indicate the employee has recovered sufficiently to return to work before the term of the original leave of absence, the City may give the employee written notice to return to work. Failure to return to work within ten (10) working days of such notice will constitute grounds for dismissal.
[CC 1996 §130.630; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997]
Employees may be granted a paid administrative leave pending the investigation and disposition of alleged activities violating these rules and regulations or all other criminal activity that would adversely affect the ability of the employee to carry out his/her duties or whose continued performance of duties may not be in the best interests of the City as determined in the sole discretion of the City Administrator.
During such paid administrative leave, all benefits would continue in effect. Vacation and sick leave benefits will continue to accrue during administrative leave, but the sick leave and vacation time earned while on administrative leave will not be added to the employee's accrued benefits if he/she is removed from City employment by the determination of the City or he/she is convicted of criminal activity by a court of competent jurisdiction.
[CC 1996 §130.640; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997]
Absence of an employee from duty, including any absence for a single day or part of a day that is not authorized by a specific grant of leave of absence under the provisions of these rules, will be deemed to be an absence without leave. Any such absence shall be without pay and may be subject to disciplinary actions. Any employee who absents himself/herself without proper authorization for three (3) consecutive workdays shall be deemed to have resigned.