City of Bowling Green, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Levy of Taxes

Section 145.010 Board of Aldermen — Power to Levy and Collect Taxes.

Section 145.020 Rate of Levy.

Section 145.030 Board to Determine Amount of Money Needed.

Section 145.040 Receipt Given Upon Payment.

Section 145.050 Taxes Delinquent — When.

Section 145.060 Collector to Report to Board of Aldermen.

Section 145.070 Collector to Make Annual Report.

Section 145.075 Payment of Fees, Taxes and License Charges Under Protest.

Article II Delinquent Taxes

Section 145.080 Tax Books.

Section 145.090 Who May Redeem Land.

Section 145.100 Compromise Allowed — When.

Section 145.110 Penalty.

Section 145.120 Lands and Lots Subject to Sale — When.

Section 145.130 Collector to Publish Delinquent Land List — Contents — Expenses — Publisher's Affidavit to Be Recorded.

Section 145.140 Purchaser at Tax Sale — Requirements.

Section 145.150 Second Offering of Delinquent Lands and Lots.

Section 145.160 Third Offering of Delinquent Lands and Lots, Redemption — Subsequent Sale — Collector's Deed.

Section 145.170 Payment of Total Amount by Purchaser — Penalty for Failure.

Section 145.180 Certificate of Purchase — Contents — Fees — Non-Residents.

Section 145.190 Possession of Property Sold.

Section 145.200 Redemption, When — Manner.

Section 145.210 Payment of Taxes by Holder of Purchase Certificate — Subsequent Certificate.

Section 145.220 Trustee Appointed by Mayor.

Article III City Taxes

Section 145.230 City Sales Tax Imposed.

Section 145.240 Transportation Tax.

Section 145.250 Utilities Tax Imposed.

Section 145.260 Library Tax.

Section 145.270 Tax for Local Parks.