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City of Truesdale, MO
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1986 §610.020; Ord. No. 13 §5, 2-3-1958]
All traveling shows and circuses charging an admission fee shall pay a license tax not exceeding twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each performance. Other shows, sleight of hand performers, concerts, theatrical troupes, moving pictures, stereopticon lectures charging an admittance price shall pay a license tax of ten dollars ($10.00) for the first (1st) exhibition and five dollars ($5.00) for each subsequent exhibition. But no lecture or exhibition of any kind shall be given in this City until the promoter thereof has first submitted to the Mayor a general program of what he/she intended to be shown and shall have received his/her permit therefor.
[CC 1986 §610.030; Ord. No. 87 §§1 — 4, 3-7-1985]
The following terms, whenever used or referred to in this Chapter, shall have these respective meanings unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:
The aggregate amount of all sales and charges from the business of supplying electricity or electric service made by any person in the City of Truesdale during any period less discounts, credits, refunds, sales taxes and uncollectible accounts. Gross receipts derived from the furnishing of such service to the City shall not be included in gross receipts, nor shall any tax be due on such gross receipts.
As used in this Section shall include any individual, firm, co-partnership, association, corporation, trust, trustee, receiver, syndicate or any other group or combination acting as a unit in the plural as well as the singular number.
Every person now or hereafter engaged in the business of supplying electricity or electric service for compensation for any purpose in the City of Truesdale shall pay to the City of Truesdale, as a license tax, a sum equal to four percent (4%) of the gross receipts derived from such business within the City of Truesdale.
Every person engaged in any business described in Subsection (B) hereof shall file with the City Clerk of the City of Truesdale, on or before November 30, 1985, a sworn statement of the gross receipts of such person derived from the transaction of such business from October 1, 1985 to November 30, 1985 and thereafter, on or before the thirty-first (31st) day of May and the thirtieth (30th) day of November of every year, a sworn statement of the gross receipts of such person from such business for the preceding six (6) month periods ending on April thirtieth (30th) and October thirty-first (31st), respectively, and shall pay the tax at the time of filing the statement. The City Clerk of the City of Truesdale, or such other City Official as may be authorized by the Board of Aldermen, shall be and is hereby authorized to investigate the correctness and accuracy of such statement and for that purpose shall have access at all reasonable times during normal business hours to examine the books, documents, papers and records of any person making such statement in order to ascertain the accuracy thereof.
The tax herein required to be paid shall be in lieu of any other occupation or license tax required of any person engaged in any of the businesses described in Section (B) hereof, but nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to exempt any such person from the payment to the City of Truesdale of the tax which the City of Truesdale levies upon the real and personal property belonging to any such person, nor the tax required of merchants or manufacturers for the sale of anything other than electricity or electric service, nor shall the tax herein required exempt any such person from the payment of any other tax which may be lawfully required other than any occupation tax on any of the businesses described in Subsection (B) hereof.
[Ord. No. 635 §§I — II, 9-19-2011]
The Board of Aldermen has made a determination pursuant to Section 393.275, RSMo., and all other applicable authority, to maintain the tax rate of its business license tax on the gross receipts of businesses supplying electricity or electrical services, without reduction, regardless of the amount of any tariff increase, notwithstanding any periodic fluctuations in the tariffs of such corporation or any notice thereof, including, but not limited to, notice provided to the City pursuant to Section 393.275, RSMo.
[Ord. No. 198 §1(215.100 — 215.110), 6-9-1993]
Junk Yard, Scrap Yard — Definitions.
Junk" means old or scrap copper, brass, rope, rags, batteries, paper, trash, rubber debris, waste, or junked, dismantled, or wrecked automobiles, or parts thereof, iron, steel, and other old or scrap ferrous or nonferrous material.
"Junk yard" means an establishment, area, or place of business maintained, operated, or used for the storing, keeping, buying, or selling of junk or for the operation of an automobile graveyard, garbage dump or sanitary fill.
Junk Yard/Scrap Yard Prohibited. The Board of Aldermen of the City of Truesdale having determined it essential for the protection of the health and welfare of the residents of the City of Truesdale do hereby prohibit the operation of a junk yard/scrap yard and/or prohibit any resident, and/or landowner of the City of Truesdale to accumulate junk/scrap as defined in Subsection (A).
The Board of Aldermen of the City of Truesdale, having determined to be in the best interest of the City, do hereby approve a license for a business operating as a recycling center with the following requirements:
[Ord. No. 663 §1, 12-12-2012[1]]
The business must be currently licensed by the State of Missouri as defined under Sections 301.217 through 301.229, RSMo., and provide a copy of the license for the City's records.
The business is required to complete and file all forms and required paperwork as required by Statutes to the Missouri Department of Revenue.
The business is required to maintain records with details of purchases and for every vehicle wrecked, dismantled or disposed of by it as required by Revised Missouri State Statutes.
Automobiles and/or parts thereof should not remain on the premises for a period to exceed two (2) regular working days.
All of the recycled material should be contained and not allowed to be in the sight of the general public.
The business must maintain the property in an organized manner for the safety and welfare of the public.
The Truesdale Board of Aldermen will approve the business license after receiving a copy of the license received from the State of Missouri. If the business fails to meet any of the requirements as listed above, the Truesdale Board of Aldermen will have the authority to revoke the business license.
Editor's Note: Section 1 of this ordinance provided for the redesignation of former Subsection C as Subsection D.
Penalties. Any person or persons ("person or persons" shall include a partnership, limited partnership or corporation, limited liability company or corporation found to have violated any of the provisions of this Section) shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished as set out in Section 100.220 of this Code. Each and every day that any of the provisions of this Section are violated shall be a separate offense, and such offender shall be subject to the penalties herein provided for each offense.