Village of Old Brookville, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Prohibited. No owner or occupant of any lot or parcel of land in the Village of Old Brookville shall cause or permit any public nuisance to be or remain upon such lot or parcel of land or between the same and the adjoining street.
Whenever there shall exist any such public nuisance and written complaint thereof is made to the Mayor of the Village, he or she shall forthwith cause a notice to be served upon the owner or occupant of the premises on which said nuisance exists, requiring him or her to abate the same within 24 hours after the receipt of said notice.
In case of failure of the owner or occupant of the premises to comply with such notice or requirement within the time therein mentioned, said nuisance may be abated by the Street Commissioner at the expense of said owner or occupant of the premises, such expense to be collected by suit in the name of the Village, if not paid to the Village Treasurer in five days after demand.
Any person who, with intent to provoke the public peace and good order of the Village or whereby a breach of the peace and good order may be occasioned, commits any of the following acts shall be deemed to have committed the offense of disorderly conduct:
Publicly uses any profane, vulgar, offensive, disorderly, threatening, abusive or obscene language or exposes himself or herself naked or makes an indecent exposure of his or her person in any public place where others are present.
Acts in such a manner as to annoy, disturb, interfere with, obstruct or be offensive to others.
Unnecessarily congregates with others upon the streets of the Village or in doorways or stairways adjacent thereto or loiters about such places and refuses to move on when ordered by the police.
By his action causes a crowd to collect, except when lawfully addressing such a crowd.
Shouts or makes a noise, either outside or inside a building, during the nighttime to the annoyance or disturbance of any considerable number of persons.
Interferes with any person in any place by jostling against a person or unnecessarily crowding him or by placing a hand in the proximity of such person's pocket, pocketbook or handbag.
Stations himself on the public streets of the Village or follows pedestrians for the purpose of soliciting alms or who solicits alms on the public street unlawfully.
Frequents or loiters upon the streets of the Village or in doorways or stairways adjacent thereto or about any public place in the Village soliciting men for the purpose of committing a crime against nature or other lewdness.
Causes a disturbance in any omnibus or other public conveyance within the confines of the Village by running through or climbing through windows or upon the seats or otherwise annoying passengers or employees therein.
Stands on sidewalks or street corners and makes insulting remarks to or about passing pedestrians or annoys such pedestrians.
Loiters in the street or elsewhere or collects in crowds for unlawful or idle purpose to the annoyance or disturbance of citizens or travelers.
No person shall wilfully or maliciously break, tear, mar, injure, remove or deface any building, fence, awning, signboard, bulletin board, telegraph pole, telephone pole, light pole, fountain, tree, shrubbery, or other ornamental thing, or tear down, destroy or mutilate any notice or handbill lawfully posted on any sidewalk, street or public place in the Village.
No person shall enter upon any premises, lot, piece of land or building within the boundaries of the Village without authority from the owner thereof.
No person who, with the authority from the owner, has entered upon any premises, lot, piece of land or building within the boundaries of the Village shall remain there after being personally notified to leave by the owner thereof, a police office or other authorized person.
No person shall throw, deposit or place or cause to be thrown, deposited or placed, any waste material on any private premises of another person without such person's permission.