City of Bowling Green, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 405.010 Definitions.

Section 405.020 Procedure for Rezoning — Application.

Section 405.030 Voluntary Annexation Petitions, Fees and Procedures.

Section 405.035 Boundary Adjustment.

Section 405.040 Amendments.

Section 405.050 through Section 405.100. (Reserved)

Article II District Regulations

Section 405.110 District Boundaries and General Regulations.

Section 405.120 "A" Agricultural District.

Section 405.130 "R-1" Single-Family Dwelling District Regulations.

Section 405.140 "R-2" Two-Family Dwelling District Regulations.

Section 405.150 "R-3" Medium Density Multiple-Family Dwelling District Regulations.

Section 405.160 "R-4" High Density Multiple-Family Dwelling District Regulations.

Section 405.170 "RMH" Manufactured Home Park District Regulations.

Section 405.180 "BR" Business Residential Overlay District Regulations.

Section 405.190 "B-1" Highway Business District Regulations.

Section 405.200 "B-2" Central Business District Regulations.

Section 405.210 "I" Industrial District Regulations.

Section 405.220 "O-P" Planned Office Park District.

Section 405.230 through Section 405.300. (Reserved)

Article III Non-Conforming Uses

Section 405.310 Non-Conforming Uses.

Section 405.320 through Section 405.350. (Reserved)

Article IV Supplementary Regulations

Section 405.360 Non-Residential Height and Area Requirements.

Section 405.370 Additional Height and Area Regulations.

Section 405.380 Off-Street Parking Regulations.

Section 405.390 Landscaping and Buffering Regulations.

Section 405.400 Standards and Requirements for Telecommunication Facilities.

Section 405.410 Adult-Oriented Businesses.

Section 405.420 Recreational Vehicles, Boats And Trailers.

Section 405.430 through Section 405.520. (Reserved)

Article V Board of Adjustment — Appeals — Variances

Section 405.530 Board of Adjustment — Appointment — Term — Vacancies — Organization.

Section 405.540 Board of Adjustment — Powers.

Section 405.550 Board of Adjustment — Appeals, Procedure.

Section 405.560 Board of Adjustment — Decisions Subject to Review — Procedure.

Section 405.570 through Section 405.620. (Reserved)

Article VI Permits

Section 405.630 Temporary Use Permits.

Section 405.640 through Section 405.720. (Reserved)

Article VII Violations and Penalties

Section 405.730 Violation and Penalty.