City of Bowling Green, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Definitions

Section 600.010 Definitions.

Article II Licenses

Section 600.020 License Required.

Section 600.030 Qualifications for Licensees.

Section 600.040 Permit — Form — When Effective.

Section 600.050 Application — Remittance, Made to Whom.

Section 600.060 Period of License — Contents of License — Renewals.

Section 600.070 Licenses Non-Transferable — Exceptions.

Section 600.080 Administration of Law — License Suspension.

Section 600.090 Suspended Licensee Not to Engage in Liquor Business — To Display Suspension Order — When.

Section 600.100 Hearings Upon Applications to Suspend or Revoke Licenses.

Section 600.110 Licenses — Retail Liquor Dealers — Hours of Sale.

Section 600.120 Schedule of License Fees.

Section 600.125 Temporary Location for Liquor by the Drink, Caterers — Permit — Fee Required.

Section 600.130 Wine, Permit to Allow Tasting on Premises — Limitations.

Section 600.140 Certain Holidays, Sale by the Drink on Sunday Allowed.

Article III Minors

Section 600.150 Persons Eighteen Years of Age or Older May Sell or Handle Liquor or Beer, When.

Section 600.160 Sales to Minor — Exceptions.

Section 600.170 Misrepresentation of Age by Minor to Obtain Liquor — Use of Altered Driver's License, Passport or I.D. Cards, Penalties.

Section 600.180 Purchase or Possession by Minor, a Misdemeanor — Container Need Not Be Opened and Contents Verified, When — Burden of Proof on Violator to Prove Not Intoxicating Liquor — Section Not Applicable to Certain Students, Requirements.

Article IV Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 600.190 Sales of Liquor Prohibited Near Schools and Churches.

Section 600.200 Unlawful for Licensed Retailer to Purchase From Other Than Licensed Wholesaler.

Section 600.210 License for Sale of Malt Liquor Only — Certain Restrictions.

Section 600.220 Mixing Liquor With Drugs Prohibited.

Section 600.230 Druggists May Sell and Physicians Prescribe Liquor.

Section 600.240 Unlawful to Sell Unlabeled Liquor — Penalty.

Section 600.250 Municipal Judge to Report Conviction.