City of Excelsior Springs, MO
Clay County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note: Ord. no. 14-04-09 §1, adopted April 21, 2014, repealed this ch. 407 and enacted the provisions set out herein. Previous ch. 407 derived from ord. no. 08-05-03, 5-19-2008.
Article I General Provisions

Section 407.010 Intent and Purpose.

Section 407.020 Applicability.

Section 407.030 Exemptions.

Section 407.040 Compatibility With Other Permit and Chapter Requirements.

Section 407.050 Limitations on Liability.

Article II Definitions

Section 407.060 Definitions.

Article III Plan Submittal/Review Requirements

Section 407.070 Plan Submittal/Review Requirements Generally.

Section 407.080 Pre-Application Meeting.

Section 407.090 Clearing and Rough Grading.

Section 407.100 Stormwater Management Construction Plan.

Section 407.110 Construction Plan Review Procedures.

Section 407.120 Coordination With Other Approvals and Permits.

Section 407.130 Maintenance Agreement and Plans.

Article IV Performance Criteria for Stormwater Management

Section 407.140 Performance Criteria for Stormwater Management.

Section 407.150 General Stormwater Management Criteria.

Section 407.160 Engineered Systems.

Section 407.170 Natural Systems/Stream Buffers.

Section 407.180 Stormwater Quantity Control.

Section 407.190 Stormwater Runoff Treatment.

Article V Construction Site Runoff Control

Section 407.200 General.

Section 407.210 Clearing and Grading.

Section 407.220 Erosion Control.

Section 407.230 Sediment Controls.

Section 407.240 Waterways and Watercourses.

Section 407.250 Construction Site Access.

Section 407.260 Control of Other Construction Pollutants.

Article VI Ongoing Maintenance for Stormwater BMPs

Section 407.270 General Maintenance Requirement.

Section 407.280 Maintenance Responsibility.

Section 407.290 Inspection.

Section 407.300 Records of Maintenance Activities.

Section 407.310 Failure to Provide Adequate Maintenance.

Section 407.320 Required Easements.

Section 407.330 Interference and Damage.

Article VII Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Section 407.340 General.

Section 407.350 Prohibitions.

Section 407.360 Notification of Spills.

Section 407.370 Regulations and Monitoring.

Article VIII Permits

Section 407.380 Promulgation of Rules.

Section 407.390 Grading/Stormwater Permit.

Section 407.400 Fees.

Section 407.410 Inspection.

Article IX Violations, Enforcement and Penalties

Section 407.420 Violations and Penalties for Permits.

Section 407.430 Administration, Penalties and Remedies.

Section 407.440 Variances.